Recovery, CDM recruitment: 3 channels to hire

Recovery, CDM recruitment: 3 channels to hire
Recovery, CDM recruitment: 3 channels to hire

The so-called dl recruitment, which will go to the CDM tomorrow and was illustrated today in the control room by Minister Renato Brunetta, consists of two parts: the first defines the rules for simplified and rapid recruitment procedures for the recruitment of timed technicians determined and the collaboration of experts for projects related to the NRP; the second authorizes the administrations to hire personnel for the governance of the NRR, therefore the digital transition team, 1,000 experts for the management of complex procedures, and the process office.

There are three types of recruitment – sources present at the meeting confirm – competitions for fixed-term recruitment, assignment to professionals – here you will have a transparent platform created ad hoc on the LinkedIn model – high specializations, such as the research doctorate.

The recruitment decree that the government is about to launch is the last piece of the unitary package on the NRP which provides for Governance and Simplifications, already approved by the CDM and essentially represents the premise. The measures concern in particular the hiring and methods of recruiting specialized personnel on a fixed-term basis up to 2026 at the latest, to implement the projects of the NRP, through rapid and digital competitions.

This is a lighter dl than the initial scheme, in particular the part on recruitment in the various departments should be ‘lightened’ – with the exception of Justice and Digital Transition – reason for conflict within the government is learned at the end of the control room. Behind the decision, the observation that it would be difficult to estimate upstream, it is explained, the needs of the various departments linked to the grounding of the PNRR. Hence the decision – taken during the control room with Prime Minister Mario Draghi – to ‘streamline’ the part in question.

The recruitment of specialized personnel in the PA is considered a necessary ingredient for the success of the Recovery challenge in the face of 3.2 million public employees who have an average age of over 50, of which 16.9% are over 60 and which so far has shown a poor spending capacity already in relation to ordinary European funds. The overall philosophy is to pave the way for the PNRR in such a way that everything that could hinder the implementation of projects and investment spending is eliminated, and human capital is injected that is able to grapple with the challenges, especially when they are ad high innovation content such as projects related to the digital and ecological transition that occupy a large part of the resources of the NRP.

Recruitment accelerates hiring, PA competitions in 100 days

Accelerate hiring, to rapidly advance the grounding of the NRP, without delays that could jeopardize its resources. The dl on recruitment provides for simplified and digital competitions for the Public Administration to be closed within 100 days, in order to push the realization of the projects.

Government is studying measures for more hiring women and young people in the PA

A technical study is underway on how to promote women and young people in PA recruitment related to PNRR. One of the hypotheses being studied is the greater presence of women in the competition commissions. This is what Adnkronos learns from sources present at the meeting of the government control room.

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