it’s hot, unbreathable air in the streets. Alarm for sanitation conditions

it’s hot, unbreathable air in the streets. Alarm for sanitation conditions
it’s hot, unbreathable air in the streets. Alarm for sanitation conditions

The air in Rome is becoming unbreathable. From the bins come gusts of nauseating, unbearable odors. It happens more and more often, especially with the arrival of the heat that begins to reach even considerable temperatures.

Lazio Region against Campidoglio at the “dumpster dance”

LANDFILL ROADS On the one hand, in fact, there are shops and restaurants that return to full capacity, thus producing a greater number of waste, and on the other hand the sun that causes miasma on the garbage. And so the bins overflow and the bags remain on the ground all around for days. On the other hand, they are at the mercy of the animals who open them and leave everything scattered on the ground. Abandoned boxes and old furniture do the rest.

ONCE UPON A TIME. Even the yellow containers for the collection of used clothing, destined for recycling, are vandalized: indeed, opened despite being equipped with an anti-burglary system and the clothes often remain thrown to the ground.

THE MAP. There are corners of Rome that are unwatchable. So along via Tuscolana as well as in viale Marconi, from via Ugo Ojetti to via Casilina, passing through Boccea and San Lorenzo. In recent days, chaos has broken out.

LOVES DEFENDS The Municipal Authority reports that between 31 May and 2 June it collected over 8,100 tons of undifferentiated but adds that with the complete reopening of the restaurants “, in several circumstances, the abandonment of packaging or other materials on public land has been found. These behaviors do not facilitate work and urban hygiene services ”.

EXPLOSIVE JUNE The next 30 rounds will be on fire: from 30 June, Emilia Romagna will no longer take the 200 tons of daily waste from the capital. In fact, the Capitol within 30 days will have to purchase a Tmb already in operation and within 60 days it will have to submit a plant plan.

GOVERNMENT ALARMEDAnd the images of the capital as a landfill are having a huge echo. Today there will be a technical table at the Ministry of Ecological Transition with the Municipality and the Region to find a structural solution in the short, medium and long term relating to the waste cycle.

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