LBA Finals – Olimpia, Delaney “I feel great in Milan”

LBA Finals – Olimpia, Delaney “I feel great in Milan”
LBA Finals – Olimpia, Delaney “I feel great in Milan”

The play of Olimpia Malcolm Delaney is ready to play the last act of the 2020-21 season, the Finals series against Virtus Bologna. Here are his words in Piero Guerrini’s interview for Tuttosport.

Public, with over three thousand tomorrow evening at the Forum. A very long season, which began thinking above all of Covid. We have overcome many. Having the audience offers another sense, it is played differently.

Many difficulties in the season. Yes, for me it was the hardest season, I played almost the whole season with injuries, even my foot, I then underwent the operation, but I never pulled back. I was unable to contribute points like in the past, but I tried to help the team with what was needed. And coach Messina appreciated my availability, my commitment. In this sense I have learned a lot. Next year will be better, I hope so, but I consider it to have been a very positive year.

First year in Milan. I feel great, from a professional point of view I have reached the highest level, also in terms of results: two cups, the Euroleague Final Four in which we played, now the championship final. I made a hat-trick in France, but with Milan it’s different.

Imagine another series won at zero? I don’t care if 4-0 or 4-3, Virtus Bologna has excellent players, they are a great team. I just want to win the title. After so much work, we deserve it.

What was the key to Milan? Everyone can be a protagonist, but no one is on principle.

Ettore Messina. An extraordinary coach, but I don’t find out. I appreciated his experience in managing. With coach Bartzokas the best I have ever had. Then he is very attentive to us, how we live, what we do, he cares about our health. He worries. On the pitch he grants confidence, freedom within the rules. He is not like other European coaches.

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