Mottarone cable car, three witnesses to the tragedy: “The cabin was too low”

From tourists to witnesses. They witnessed live the tragedy of Mottarone, three in particular who had climbed the Vl1 path from the Alpino. Their story was collected by the carabinieri. “I feel miraculous – says a woman – If I hadn’t moved, the cabin would have hit me because I was on the trajectory. I was taking a walk and at noon I had almost reached the arrival of the cable car and I looked downstream to take some pictures. At one point I saw the cabin that was slowly ascending, as I had seen before. But I noticed a strange detail, it seemed to me that it was too low compared to usual and I alerted my friend, telling her to move or he would hit her. Once she passed, she entered normally. After 30 seconds I heard a rustle, like a pulley going down fast. I looked up and saw that the cabin was rocking, then it started to go down and I couldn’t see it anymore because of the plants that limited the view ”.


A sound of whipping

The friend remembers the noise “like whipping” and “the cabin that hit the ground, just before the cliff”, while the latter’s husband remembers that “a steel cable had come off and traced a furrow a few meters from me. The end of the cable was connected to something half a meter in size. Hearing the screams I realized that something serious was happening ”. Another witness speaks of “scrap metal noise” and saw “the cabin going backwards very quickly. I left the dog with my wife and went to see. My phone had no range and I was unable to call for help. I saw the red cabin completely destroyed. On the ground there were some bodies in very serious conditions, some were disfigured in the part of the head, two women were in unnatural positions. I then screamed to see if anyone could answer, however only from the booth did I get a response. I remember a couple helping a child. I tried to help as much as possible, until they carried the child to the highest path. At that point the rescue chain was active, so I went away ”.

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