The Scandinavian Colosseum Dental Group goes shopping in Italy with Mirò Dental Medical Center

The Scandinavian Colosseum Dental Group goes shopping in Italy with Mirò Dental Medical Center
The Scandinavian Colosseum Dental Group goes shopping in Italy with Mirò Dental Medical Center

Colosseum Dental Group (CDG), a Scandinavian dental group controlled by Switzerland Jacobs Holding AG, acquired the majority of Mirò Dental Medical Center, company that provides dental care based in Bolzano, by the founder and CEO Dietrich Gallmetzer (see the press release here). Gallmetzer will retain a significant stake in the capital and will continue to lead the expansion of the Mirò Group together with its management.

Mirò has been active in Italy since 2007 and has so far opened 19 dental centers and 2 dental laboratories. The company closed 2020 with revenues of 4.3 million euros and an EBITDA of 1.07 million (see here the analysis by Leanus).

Following the acquisition of Mirò, CDG Italia will therefore include the two Italian dental brands: OdontoHealth (of which it rose to 100% last January, after having acquired 70% in September 2017, see another article by bebeez) and precisely Mirò Dental Medical Center, which intend to establish themselves as a market leader and reference point for dental health care in Italy. With the acquisition of Mirò, CDG’s presence in Italy will extend to a network of 29 directly operated and 18 franchised dental centers for a total of 47 centers, thus expanding its presence in the north-western part of the country.

In January, CDG also took over the majority of the French company Dentelia gives Otium Capital (family office of the entrepreneur Pierre-Edouard Stérin), the managers and the founder and general manager Alexandre attia (see other article by bebeez). CDG operates more than 340 dental practices in 9 European countries such as Switzerland, Novergia, Sweden, Finland, France and Germany and employs more than 6,500 professionals in the dental sector. The group generates over 650 million euros in revenues.

Colosseum has been controlled since January 2017 by the Swiss Jacobs Holding AG (in turn held by Jacobs Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to child development and education), who had acquired the group from the fund IK Investment Partners (see here the press release of that time). Jacobs Holding also holds in portfolio North American Dental Group in the United States, thus reaching over 600 dental centers between Europe and America.

Stefan Nilsson, CEO of Colosseum Dental Group, commented: “Mirò, a leading company for dental care in the Italian market, is a perfect partner for OdontoSalute and CDG. With Mirò we can offer a unique and diversified proposal at the same time for both patients and dentists, all to establish ourselves in Italy as the leading company in dental care. Mirò has always focused and set up its care with a quality service by applying methods to always put the patient at the center, this strategy is totally compatible with ours. “.

Mirò founder Gallmetzer added: “I truly believe that together we can further grow the group and become Italian leaders in promoting a model that puts the patient at the center. Indeed, both the Mirò group and OdontoSalute share CDG’s values ​​and long-term vision of becoming the most admired dental care provider in Europe. I particularly like their drive for innovation, something I have always pursued in my dental centers as well. “

Andrea Ruggeri, OdontoSalute’s chief operating officer, concluded: “At OdontoSalute we have always held in high regard Mirò for the quality-oriented approach. The combined dimension allows us to further invest in innovation and our organization. We want to become a point of reference in the dental sector in Italy for patients and dentists, and I think the Mirò Group is the perfect partner to succeed. “

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