Launch of Endovir Liquid plus

EBTNA-LAB launches on the market a new product based on high biotech technology. Also in this case, it is an innovation relating to NATURAL MOLECULES, which are continuously studied by the manufacturer. ENDOVIR ®LIQUID PLUS is a Mouthwash. Inside, there are both Alpha-cyclodextrins and hydroxytyrosol from olive trees. An innovative formulation, but now typical for Ebtna-Lab products.

As reported in a recent interview by Dr. Stefano Paolacci granted to L’Adigetto, ( – ​​The beneficial properties of natural molecules – By N. Clementi) Ebtna-Lab “collaborates with many Italian universities, but also with numerous institutes international. The aim is to share some projects with these realities. Then, after numerous scientific investigations, we move on to sharing the results of the research with university bodies “. A valid assumption also for the Mouthwash of the Endovir® line.

One of the actions provided by ENDOVIR® LIQUID PLUS is the refreshing one: the flavor of the product is in fact based on the presence of mint and lemon aroma. But the main action is another: as always highlighted by Dr. Paolacci in the aforementioned interview, ENDOVIR LIQUID ® PLUS “provides protection and sanitation of the oral mucosa, especially in those who use protective masks for a long time”.


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