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WESTERN WET FLOWS. The weakening of the northern edge of the anticyclone during the weekend it will be followed by the start of the new week by a flow of wet western currents, better structured at high altitude, which will cross central Europe and will be able to infiltrate as far as the central Mediterranean, thus also involving part of Italy. Time is therefore destined to become more unstable also on part of the South next week, even if it will not be a real wave of bad weather, but rather unstable episodes alternating with sunny spaces.

WEATHER START OF THE WEEK. Monday will be characterized by a marked variability with first showers already in the initial part of the day on sections of Central Italy, as a consequence of the impulse passed in the final part of the previous week. But it will be in the afternoon that there will be a general intensification of rains and thunderstorms, in particular near the Alpine and Apennine areas, but with frequent encroachments to plains and coasts and phenomena that locally may also be intense, but tending to lose energy during the evening hours.

TREND UNTIL HALF WEEK. Even in the following days clouds, showers and thunderstorms will concentrate during the day starting from the mountain areas, and then extending to most of the plains and coasts, however, attenuating during the evening, so until the middle of the week. Temperatures will lose a few degrees, especially in the South, with the heat that will then be reduced compared to the final days of the current week. Given the temporal distance, the trend could undergo changes. We advise you to follow the next updates. For the trend for the second decade of June Click here.

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