Paderno, the retired investor was driving without ever having had a license

Paderno, the retired investor was driving without ever having had a license
Paderno, the retired investor was driving without ever having had a license

Paderno Dugnano (Milan) – He hadn’t never obtained the driving license and was driving a car that had been seized from him last May. The details that emerge about the person responsible for the accident in which Wednesday morning are increasingly disconcerting a child of only 3 years he was hit by a car while he was walking with his family on a path in the North Lake park of Paderno Dugnano.

A “curriculum” that makes you shiver

The 72-year-old motorist who inexplicably slipped his Ford “Focus” into a path inside the Padernese park, is already known to the police for other crimes and for his excesses in the car. On 4 May he had already hit three pedestrians along the streets of Milan and fled without giving help. Before that, he had already been blocked because he was discovered driving without a license, simply because he would never have obtained it. On this aspect, confirmations and denials are chasing, but the indications come from various parts and are also confirmed in the fact that on 5 May the local police of Milan had proceeded to a criminal complaint, because driving without a license (which is normally a sanction administrative) had already been reiterated. On that occasion he had also been seized the Ford “Focus”, but had been returned to custody with the obligation not to use it. His judicial situation is therefore very heavy.

The conditions of the little one

“What happened is inadmissible – he attacked Domenico Musicco, legal advisor to the Avisl Traffic Accident Victims Association – Certainly with greater control over the roads, a serious episode like this would not have occurred. I believe that it is also necessary to review the legislation regarding the seizure of vehicles, the checks on the licenses of drivers, especially the elderly, who cause too many accidents. The investor was in fact easily able to circumvent the law and drive undisturbed in a public park ”.

The child is hospitalized in intensive care at the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo. Her conditions are defined desperate. The same driver is at the Niguarda hospital, intubated due to a pulmonary emphysema that was discovered immediately after hospitalization. It could be the consequence of the trauma suffered during the accident; the car crashed for about 3 meters and smashed its nose on the park pavement. In the collision he may have suffered crushing trauma to the abdomen. On the other hand, the hypothesis of driving under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of drugs was definitively excluded.

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