Letta recalls: “We need the labor of migrants. Few Italians”

Letta recalls: “We need the labor of migrants. Few Italians”
Letta recalls: “We need the labor of migrants. Few Italians”

Enrico Letta it fell back on. The secretary of the Democratic Party hosted by Porta a Porta does not give up migrants and pushes to welcome “laborers” in the country. According to him, unemployed young Italians are not enough to cover the needs of companies. Enrico Letta’s is a vision completely detached from the current reality of the country, linked more than anything else to ideological rather than practical and pragmatic issues of the country, on its knees due to the pandemic and with a very high number of unemployed.

There is a very important question: we must understand that in many fields there is probably a need for labor which comes from immigration. We must realize that young Italians are very few, too few compared to what we need. We must conceive our future in a different way, with a greater capacity for acceptance and determination“, said Enrico Letta. The words of the secretary of the Democratic Party have potentially enormous weight in the international arena. Their echo could further push migrants to leave their countries in the belief that, once they arrive in Italy, they will find work.

But the reality is completely different. The wave of migrants that is preparing to land on the Italian coasts will not find companies ready to hire them but reception centers where the prospects are not as rosy as they are portrayed. The ideological promises of the left lead migrants to delude themselves but a country that is unable to support its citizens cannot shoulder the responsibility of other people. Nor does the comparison that Enrico Letta made during the recording of Porta a Porta hold up, giving the example of Germany’s integration policies.

Five years ago the Germans made a choice that seemed madness to us Italians, but they integrated more than half a million people. They were good and effective“, said the secretary of the Democratic Party. But Enrico Letta has omitted the part in which migrants in Germany do not arrive by the thousands aboard boats along the coasts, there is a system that allows to welcome and integrate the Italy cannot afford to apply. Enrico Letta brings back speeches already made and discussed, yet at Porta a Porta he began like this: “I left six years of very interesting things that I did, and I left them to go back to politics and I told myself that if I come back, I come back to do things well, not to get by. I went back to try to change things in Italy so that young Italians find opportunity that they find abroad today“. Pure avant-garde.


Letta recalls labor migrants Italians

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