Case Yara, Bossetti defense denied access to artifacts

Case Yara, Bossetti defense denied access to artifacts
Case Yara, Bossetti defense denied access to artifacts

The Bossetti defense will not be able to access the finds in the trial that saw Massimo Bossetti sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Yara Gambirasio. The Court of Assizes of Bergamo denied it, rejecting the application presented by the two lawyers of the bricklayer, Claudio Salvagni and Paolo Camporini.

“What can we say about our country? There is a very clear judgment of the Supreme Court that has been disregarded again. Getting the most trivial things in Italy seems the most difficult thing in the world. Getting justice really seems something incredible. Me. I don’t want to use words taken from the book ‘The system’ but I think we are really fighting against something bigger than us “, Claudio Salvagni, Bossetti’s lawyer, told Telelombardia.

“At the moment I have not yet read the reasons so I reserve any comment after reading – added the lawyer -. At the moment it seems that all our requests have been rejected so although we come from a referral judgment by the Supreme Court, Bergamo for the ‘umpteenth time he decided not to accept any of our requests. Indeed the thing that I want to stigmatize immediately, I had not said before out of respect for the Court, but there had been a request for transmission of the documents from the Bergamo Public Prosecutor’s Office to the Venice Prosecutor’s Office in how much the lawyers would have slandered the prosecutor itself. So yet another attempt to gag, to silence the very very serious defense which at this point will also see the defense go to counterattack “.

“The Bergamo Public Prosecutor, Salvagni explained, believes that our words and writings are slanderous. That is, we would have accused knowing our innocence, we would have accused the Bergamo Public Prosecutor of crimes. We are lawyers, we write and speak in the name and on behalf of our client, and now let’s go all the way to see who did what and where the responsibilities are. Then, replying to those who asked him if they will appeal, the lawyer said: “I have not yet read the reasons, we will analyze them and my colleague Paolo Camporini and then we will decide”. Both can neither see nor analyze the artifacts, not even know how they are preserved. “There is an absolute no on everything – Salvagni remarked -. And I want to close by saying that thinking badly makes you sin but at this point I would say that thinking badly is the very least”.


Case Yara Bossetti defense denied access artifacts

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