Mottarone, the manager Nerini already investigated for two accidents at another plant

The Verbania prosecutor’s office has two other investigations underway into problems that occurred on the Mottarone facilities, different from the one concerning the disaster on the cable car which took place on 23 May last and cost the lives of 14 people. The investigations concern the Alpyland, a track on rail, whose management is attributable to Luigi Nerini, the operator of the cable car, released from prison and currently under investigation for the Mottarone tragedy. The incidents occurred in 2017 and 2019 resulting in the injury of one employee and one passenger. The alleged offense is negligent injury. The prosecutor of Verbania used the circumstance to ask for precautionary custody for Nerini, who, according to the prosecutors, had expressed “impatience with scrupulous compliance with the safety measures aimed at protecting the safety of users of this type of plant” . The investigating judge rejected the proposal.

In the meantime it became known that Gabriele Tadini, the only one of the three suspects for the massacre at the Mottarone cable car who is under house arrest, had declared that “everyone knew” about the ‘forks’ already in his first statements made in the barracks on 25 May. Tadini explained that he had informed Perocchio, another of the suspects, of the initiative to put the stocks. To Perrocchio Tadini would have said that “in order to operate the plant regularly” it was necessary “to use this device”. “Mr. Nerini also knew it,” added Tadini in his statements that evening.


The president of the court of Verbania: unacceptable pillory and threats to investigating judge Banci Bonamici

“Full and convinced solidarity” to the judge Donatella Banci Bonamici is expressed by Luigi Maria Montefusco, president of the court of Verbania, for “the exemplary and dutiful commitment lavished in an official act taken in a delicate and complex investigation for the sole purpose to ascertain the truth “. Banci Bonamici is the investigating judge who rejected the request for pre-trial detention for two of the three suspects in the proceedings on the accident at the Mottarone cable car. In a note, President Montefusco affirms that he believes that “the media hype of the tragic event and the shared suffering for the victims do not in any way justify the real ‘pillory’ and even the unacceptable and worrying threats to which the investigating judge of this court , for the sole adoption of an act of his office, was submitted by a part of public opinion ».


Mottarone manager Nerini investigated accidents plant

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