Rome – The bees go to live in Palazzo Barberini

Rome – The bees go to live in Palazzo Barberini
Rome – The bees go to live in Palazzo Barberini

Thanks to the Regina Apium project, the hives will be placed in symbolic places with cultural significance

ROME – From today, Thursday 3 June 2021, the bees take home in Palazzo Barberini, thanks to the project Regina Apium, born from an idea of ​​the Delegation of the FAI of Rome which has seen the support of the Municipality of Rome Capital.

The Regina Apium Project, with the support of the beekeepers of the Abbey of San Paolo fuori le Mura – where the apiary activity was undertaken three years ago – provides for the positioning of a series of hives in some symbolic places with an important historical value -cultural city for the repopulation and safeguarding of new colonies created to protect biodiversity.

As the Director of the National Galleries Barberini Corsini recalled, Flaminia Gennari Santori: “Regina Apium contains a plurality of objectives perfectly in line with the Museum’s mission, which with this project intends to establish itself even more as a participatory museum. A place where the artistic, cultural and natural heritage find a fruitful environment of coexistence and mutual elevation, available to users, young and old, increasingly called to feel part of a community of sharing and growth“.

And the gardens of Palazzo Barberini – emblematic place for the heraldic insignia with the three bees, symbol of the family’s power – have been selected to host two hives made available by Municipality I in which Apis mellifera ligustica, a very tame species and typical of the regions of central Italy.

The beekeepers of the Abbey of San Paolo will take care of and supply the swarms, while, thanks to the collaboration of the Federation of Italian Beekeepers, it will be possible to extrapolate useful environmental data on air healthiness thanks to constant monitoring of insects, their health and their products, such as wax and honey.

Following the settlement of bees in the gardens of Palazzo Barberini, a series of future visits by the FAI Delegation of Rome are scheduled to raise public awareness on the fundamental role played by pollinators in any ecosystem, including those that develop in urban environments and man-made.


Rome bees live Palazzo Barberini

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