Bill Zan, the former prosecutor Nordio in the Senate: “Risks for those who criticize pedophilia, it is a sexual orientation”. But it’s actually a nuisance and a crime

The argument is not new among those who stand up in defense of the so-called “traditional family”. And it is the inclusion of pedophilia in the generic category of “sexual orientation”, in a debate on homotransphobia. The promoter of the thesis this time is Carlo Nordio, former deputy prosecutor of the public prosecutor of Venice, heard in Justice commission of the Senate during the cycle of hearings on the ddl Zan. In connection with the commission, the former prosecutor expressed several doubts about the bill, because according to him “when it comes to sexual orientation an extremely ambiguous spurious definition is given which threatens to backfire against the intentions of the legislator ”. And then he gave an example. “If a person said ‘I would put pedophiles all up against the wall’, it would be incriminable under the Zan bill, because pedophilia is a sexual orientation. It is a perverse orientation, but we know that there is nothing more volatile than the conception of sex that we have ”. Therefore, according to Nordio, pedophilia is a sexual orientation like any other, just like homosexuality. For this, it is his thesis, the Zan law would also punish those who oppose or speak out against pedophilia. Certainly not an original thought. We have been talking about a law against homophobia in our country for 30 years. And before Nordio the topic had already been put on the table by various exponents of Catholic extraction. In 2011, for example, the UDC parliamentarian Luisa Santolini, had expressed the same concept in speaking in the Chamber. “My sexual orientation is heterosexuality, but there are also others, such as homosexuality and pedophilia”. Both Santolini and Nordio, however, seem to forget that pedophilia is commonly considered a disorder and, when it materializes in a sexual act, it is a crime, punishable by a sentence of 5 to 10 years in prison

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