“In Italy still little prevention” – Corriere.it

“In Italy still little prevention” – Corriere.it
“In Italy still little prevention” – Corriere.it

In Italy, the culture of prevention is still lacking at a widespread level: according to Franca Bizzarri Rampi, the mother of Alfredino, the 6-year-old child swallowed and died in an artesian well in Vermicino, Frascati, in June 1981. A tragedy that shocked Italy, the first experienced live on TV from the whole country, with the then president Sandro Pertini at the rescue site. could tell the longed-for happy ending but the sad ending. A few weeks after the child’s death, the same parents founded the Alfredo Rampi Center. Explains Daniele Biondo, psychoanalyst, of the management of the Center: Even if in reality Franca Rampi, who in front of those cameras did not agree to exhibit her pain, for this very reason she was treated badly by a certain conformist press of the time. He reacted to the pain with great strength: he immediately made an appeal to mobilize as citizens and institutions, soon after he founded the association in the name of his son so that no mother should experience the drama she had experienced. It was the only three-day live broadcast that really told the reality: in which the confusion, disorganization, psychological pressure on the rescuers were seen and the country was traumatized. It was really a story of reality, while reality shows today are just fiction

While there is still a lot of work to be done on the prevention side, on the contrary, great strides have been made – the psychoanalyst underlines – and in Italy after 40 years unfortunately changed a lot and at the same time thanks to Vermicino. All that was missing at the time and that unfortunately, perhaps, also generated the failure of the improved Alfredino rescue. We learned that there was a need for an organized rescue system, coordination between rescuers that was not there in Vermicino. Thanks to the commitment of the then President of the Republic Sandro Pertini who told Franca Rampi: for her I created a ministry that did not exist, the Ministry of Civil Protection was born. But Franca Rampi and all of us have fought for 11 years – she admits – to have a law on the national system of Civil Protection, a law that was finally approved in ’92 and that today we take for granted. In these 40 years, the Alfredo Rampi Center has promoted the culture of safety, education in protection from environmental risks, technical and emotional rescue in emergencies. Almost 60,000 children and young people took part in school camps, training courses, class seminars, naturalistic courses organized by the Center to teach minors how to learn to protect themselves. Up to becoming – Biondo points out – a national reference point for the training of rescuers. Even during the pandemic, the Alfredo Rampi Center was at the forefront. Twenty years ago we founded emergency psychology in Italy and today – he explains – we are one of the four national associations of psychologists that during the lockdown answered the citizens who called the toll-free number of the ministry of health and civil protection, they arrived well 50 thousand phone calls So many positive things have arisen since the death of Alfredino Rampi and precisely to commemorate the forty-year anniversary of the Alfredo Rampi Center, on Sunday there will be the event Pi in l – Beyond the surrender at the Auditorium della Conciliazione, which will be attended in the morning also the Rampi spouses. Going further, beyond death, beyond the fall into the well of despair, the theme of the appointment that will last all day and borrows the words of Eugenio Montale in the poem Maestrale in which the calm and recovery after a storm: `Under the dense blue of the sky some seabirds go away; it never stops: because all the images bear the inscription: further on !. Towards that at 20 it will be sent, thanks to a special authorization, in Morse code on the emergency channels of all radio amateurs.

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