Women and health, Organon Italia is born

Women and health, Organon Italia is born
Women and health, Organon Italia is born

Women and health. Organon is the first global company that focuses on women’s health at every stage of life. And this is because, as has been explained today, responding to the needs and requirements that impact the daily life of women inevitably also has a positive impact on families and, therefore, on society.

With today’s New York Stock Exchange bell ringing from the company’s Executive Leadership team and the start of stock trading, Organon officially makes its debut.

But not only was a new company born, a new vision was also born. “Our aspiration is to be, here and now, for the health of every woman, her family and the community to which she belongs – she says Alper Alptekin, president and chief executive officer of Organon Italy – But we also want to work alongside the institutions to be a sustainable partner for public health. Today is an important day for women’s health and I am proud that Italy is also part of it. We want to respond to the needs and requirements that impact the daily life of women and which, inevitably, affect the whole family and, therefore, society “.

“Officially we were born today, but we present ourselves in front of our interlocutors, be they institutional, the scientific community and all people with health needs, with a consolidated experience and a history of great reputation and scientific value. The Organon si will focus on three pillars: women’s health, biosimilars and products of established use. The diversification of our solutions is the engine that will fuel our growth, so that we can continue to invest in new therapeutic options and innovative solutions to respond to the most pressing health needs of women and their loved ones ”, he stresses.

Here it is some numbers to tell the reality of Organon: beyond 140 markets, 6 production sites, a portfolio of over 64 products, 9 thousand employees worldwide, of which 1,430 hired since February 2021.

“In Italy we position ourselves tamong the top 25 pharmaceutical companies in the market and we are in 2nd place among companies with a portfolio in women’s health. Organon Italy it is called to do its part, alongside women and the needs of each patient, but also to that of the institutions, to be a reference partner in promoting the sustainability of the Italian health service ”, concludes Alper Alptekin.

Listening to women and acting on their needs is the key to responding to the challenges of women’s health. With this goal, Organon launched today the innovative initiative “Wall of Voices”, A multimedia installation located outside the New York Stock Exchange, which collects the voices of iconic women from around the world working for women. Organon Italia actively participated in the project through the contribution of Maria Grazia Panunzi, president of the Italian Association of Women for Development (Aidos).

A diversified product portfolio will be the engine of growth
At launch, Organon’s portfolio consists of more than 60 treatments and products in more than 140 markets, with over 75% of turnover ($ 6.5 billion) generated outside the US.

Organon is the only company on a global level entirely focused on women’s health at 360 degrees that offers therapeutic solutions suitable for every stage of life: contraception, fertility, menopause. Currently there are many therapies in the various stages of development globally for women’s health which represent a relevant and significant potential.

Not only. Through a portfolio of biosimilar products in oncology, Organon aspires to be the “sustainable partner for public health” to maximize the scientific, social and sustainable value of these therapeutic options and reduce the burden on the NHS, ensuring high quality care for all patients who have them need.

Organon offers therapeutic solutions of consolidated efficacy and sustainable value in the field cardiovascular, hypercholesterolemia, respiratory, osteoarticular, osteoporosis and migraine to make a difference in the management of chronicity and in the implementation of proximity care.

Organon is characterized by a strong ‘feminine’ presence, both globally and in Italy. In Italy, Organon is present with 254 employees of which almost half are women. Furthermore, the Team di leadership it is made up of 60% of women and the Board of Directors is female for 50% of its composition, an important result considering that the Italian average is 33%.

Organon is a company pharmaceutical multinational, which was formed from the spin-off of Merck & Co, to focus on improving women’s health at every stage of their life. It can count on over 60 drugs that span women’s reproductive health, biosimilar products and established drugs with a long experience on the market. A broad and solid portfolio that will allow Organon to invest in future growth opportunities in women’s health and business development. Plus the company is considering commercialization agreements for products from innovative biopharmaceutical companies.

The head office is in Jersey City (New Jersey), with approximately 9,000 employees worldwide. Organon Italia is based in Rome and is characterized by the creation of a smart model of agile and innovative work (Activity Based Working).

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