“I told Berlusconi. Here’s what votes we’re going to get” – Libero Quotidiano

“I told Berlusconi. Here’s what votes we’re going to get” – Libero Quotidiano
“I told Berlusconi. Here’s what votes we’re going to get” – Libero Quotidiano

Pietro Senaldi

03 June 2021

Mayor, but what did he do?

“I’ve been telling Berlusconi for three years: Forza Italia must be reinvigorated, we must change.”

The Knight did not listen to her and she played a bad joke on him.

“No look, he will never surprise me saying badly about Berlusconi. When those around him have already all fled, I will still be with him ».

But in the meantime he steals the parliamentarians

«You are wrong, I am not against anyone. We at Coraggio Italia needed our own parliamentary group to start doing politics seriously at national level ».

What’s on your mind, Dr. Brugnaro?

“I had written a letter to be circulated, to explain it to the Italians. I discovered that the same things were written that Berlusconi promised the country in 1994, when he took the field. The trouble is that he didn’t realize them. ‘

If he didn’t succeed, he is unparalleled …

«Too often one starts well but then goes to Rome and gets distracted. As if, once in the palace, one would lose contact with the country ».

Will it happen to her too?

“No, my feet are firmly planted in the lagoon.”

The joke is very nice, but just as evasive …

“It won’t happen to me, because I’m not a centralizer. In all my companies I have always been able to choose and delegate, don’t forget that I know how to build, because I have done architecture, and I know how to organize, because I come from human resources ».

Son of an elementary school teacher and a union worker, a Luigi Brugnaro he has succeeded in everything in life. That may be why he is optimistic. He founded yet another party that looks to the center, “Courage Italy”, has filled him with disappointed by politics and presents himself with Giovanni Toti, the governor of Liguria, for a short time the Berlusconian dolphin, as a flagship. “I’m not a leader,” he says of himself, “but an aggregator. I will spend the next two years building the party, we are full of requests ». Mayor of Venice since 2016, it was when the center-right had less difficulty than today in identifying winning candidates, the head of an empire with a turnover of 700 million a year has the intimate, and Berlusconian, conviction of being a talisman, for himself and for others. “I’m lucky, and you want to know why?” Because I wear a smile and work with joy ». It is not really the sun in the pocket that Silvio was talking about, but we are close to it.

Brugnaro, do you want to refound Forza Italia?

“No, I want to do something new.”

Who are you looking at?

«This country in the last fifteen years has given almost 40% of the votes to Berlusconi, then to Renzi and finally to M5S. An evaporated consensus: I point there, in Italy there are at least 30% of disappointed voters who do not recognize themselves in any party. I am among those. I’ve been looking for someone to get him to apply for years but I haven’t found anyone, so in the end I’ll try. Someone must also do it ».

Who will vote for it?

«All the Italians who have courage. Those who get up early in the morning and go to work, practical and positive people ».

I meant politically: who will vote for it?

«Those who voted Renzi, Berlusconi, Grillo. Don’t you think people voted for M5S because they believe in light trails? They were people who wanted to change and unfortunately they relied on politicians who did not have the right skills ”.

He talks to me about the grillini. But isn’t your party center-right?

“M5S has also intercepted many center-right voters. I am not ideological, I am a practical one. I am one who wants to do. Politically I would define myself a moderate ».

The UDC, of ​​Casini, Montezemolo, Monti, Passera, Alfano, Calenda, Bonino, Renzi himself: our recent history is full of attempts to establish centrist and moderate parties that have proved to be a flop. Why should she be able to do it?

“Each one makes its own story. People will decide if I make it. I just know this is the right time to try. We have two years of time, they pass quickly, there is a huge void to fill ».

Do you like Draghi?

“Yup. I thank Renzi, who made his arrival possible, because we must acknowledge his merits to each one. We will always support Draghi ».

Are you dreaming of Draghi at the Quirinale and Brugnaro at Palazzo Chigi in two years?

«Calmaaaaaaa. I don’t decide. Draghi would also serve us a lot as president of the European Commission. They are all pro-Europeans in words, but France and Germany are not expecting us ».

You are a resume expert, who will you rely on?

“We are building the party and selecting people on the territory, which the political forces no longer do. How do I choose people? Just as I hire coaches and players from my teams: I look to the skills, the courage, the right spirit. If I get it right, I win, otherwise I lose ».

Salvini will not be happy with his party …

“And why? He’s a friend of mine. The League is painted in a picturesque way but it is made up of good people ».

It’s not about sympathy, you want to steal votes from Salvini …

“You think according to a wrong logic. The center-right has only to gain if the offer is enriched because in this way the electoral base is widened; it’s a bit like when more shops are born in a street, competition increases the clientele ».

If she says so, I bow. How did he get very rich in an Italy that doesn’t work and is hostile to business?

“I worked a lot.”

What if I told her it’s not enough?

“I left at a time when things were easier. And then I had courage and I was able to choose the right people ».

What is Italy in mind?

“Enough friendships and conventicles, only good people. Just right and left, forward with the transversality. We enlarge ».

Didn’t he just say he’s center-right?

“Yes, but mostly because I think things can be done better from there. I have voted for many parties in my life and I am convinced that voters of the Democratic Party will also vote for me. But this left is not practical, it only thinks of ideology, talks about marginal things and applies old schemes on pressing issues ».

What is his program?

“Everyone knows what needs to be done in Italy: change justice”.

You are an entrepreneur. Not a candidate yet and already wanting to buy problems with the judges?

“It also takes the courage to change justice.”

And then?

“Everyone knows what needs to be done, what counts is the ability and the will to do it. The country must be dismissed: less bureaucracy, less taxes, freer world of work, school reform, enough pocket money and gifts such as citizenship income. Dignity is given to you by the job, not the subsidy ».

Bla bla bla bla bla

«Look what I do when I speak. She looked for me, otherwise I’d be doing something else. All of Italy is looking for me, you are lucky, I speak to you first ».

No great leader has ever come from Veneto: a coincidence?

«We Venetians are serious people, used to working with our heads down. Now we are raising it, to cast our eyes on the whole country ».

And what does he see?

“So many things to do, especially in the South, which should not be guided but freed, like the islands. Tourism, agriculture, there are energies that are just waiting for the opportunity to express themselves ».

But who makes him do it?

“This is the real question. The enthusiasm, the courage, the opportunity to change now that the old-fashioned parties are dead. Italy needs to change the mechanisms and try to win games. I’ll try, because politics can be beautiful ».

Politics is an ugly beast, if it has infected you too …

«But I will do it having fun. With the pleasure of meeting people, not cutting off the legs of those who can obscure me, as the current leaders do ».

I don’t see this game easy …

“We have a country where the pandemic has eliminated many things. There is a desire to change. I would bet on Coraggio Italia ».

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