how they caught her in the outdoor gym – Libero Quotidiano

how they caught her in the outdoor gym – Libero Quotidiano
how they caught her in the outdoor gym – Libero Quotidiano

“To be Giorgia Meloni not only a great determination and an iron character are needed, but also a beastly physique ”: the weekly Chi caught the leader of the Brothers of Italy in a demanding training session in Mostacciano, a few kilometers from his home, in the open-air gym where he has been going for about a year to do physical activity with the help of his teachers.

This training changed my life“, Meloni said in an interview some time ago, on the occasion of the release of her biography,” I am Giorgia “, in which she explained that she was able to solve her problems with the body thanks to a specific training which now he absolutely does not want to give up. In the photos taken by Chi in fact, there is great determination even during the exercises. In an image, for example, the a ten-kilo disc is lifted with great ease; in another, he performs bends and lunges naturally. His, however, is a choice that involves a lot of effort, that of going to the gym two or three times a week, instead of choosing to relax and rest after the demanding public work.

The magazine then refers to an episode in particular: when the leader of FdI showed up with crutches for consultations with the prime minister in charge Mario Draghi at the Quirinale. On that occasion the Meloni she explained that she had torn her calf while doing sports and added jokingly: “But maybe I’m too old”.

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caught outdoor gym Libero Quotidiano

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