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Francesco Storace

03 June 2021

The elections for the mayor of Rome they demand proof Aulin. There is really a headache for even the most willing.
For all tastes, as if voters from all sides had done something particularly serious to the parties. And they must be punished. From all sides.

Faced with so much collapse for the mayor grillina outgoing should have been a walk the match for reconfirmation. But the revolution Virginia Raggi he just promised it and this will be his last lap. Too much disappointment.
On the left they split into three. One piece is with the Rays, who, not surprisingly, makes a profession of extremism every two by three. Another piece stands with Carlo Calenda. The corpaccione of the Democratic Party is with Roberto Gualtieri, with the currents that make war on him underground in the fake primaries that they have set up to crown him.

They even had to sacrifice a big hit like Nicola Zingaretti, remained in the Lazio region to dream of better times.
Then, the center-right, who seems to have posed the problem of how not to win easily.
An endless swirl of names after the great refusal of Guido Bertolaso – which will have its unexplored why – and then end up in the extravagant derby between Enrico Michetti and the magistrate Simonetta Matone. Extravagant, because at least the Drops is known to most people and the parallelism with the lawyer known only to is really irreverent Fd.
Putting aside any hypothesis of “political” candidacy – as if there were no parliamentarians worthy of competing for Rome – the center-right risks big. Wasting the opportunity represented by a coalition that boasts the two strongest parties in Italy, Lega and Fratelli d’Italia. Wasn’t this an opportunity to confirm it in the polls? No, they are obsessed with the “civics”. It will be interesting to verify the consensus they will collect among the voters.
From the asylum Rome is everything.

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Asylum Rome candidacies sides Corriere dellUmbria

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