35 million euros in ten years – Libero Quotidiano

35 million euros in ten years – Libero Quotidiano
35 million euros in ten years – Libero Quotidiano

In addition to health Silvio Berlusconi has to deal with the wallet. In fact, these are not easy times for the leader of Forza Italia who now has to deal with a record-breaking “red” that has just recently been cleared: well 8 million in 2020 for what concerns the condominium expenses. The total bill of ten years of condominium expenses for the residences of the Knight – notes the Corriere della Sera – arrives at a disproportionate figure: 35 million. In fact, the list of costs is long: heating, utilities, renovations, maintenance, gardeners and surveillance. The expenses for 2021 in front of which the faithful accountant will find himself will not be outdone Giuseppe Spinelli. Precisely through “Immobiliare Idra”, the company chaired by Spinelli and which manages Berlusconi’s homes (Arcore, Macherio, Lake Como, Sardinia), the number one of FI has submitted a request to the Municipality of Olbia for “improvement interventions of the existing building heritage “, or Villa Certosa, the summer palace of Porto Rotondo.

Too bad, however, that the Housing Plan approved by the Region is all blocked after being challenged by the Draghi government. But the bad news does not end there because the real estate holding 99.5% controlled by Cavaliere has issued a new bond loan of 80 million to finance itself by giving the Porto Rotondo complex as a guarantee, with a second degree mortgage. worth 259 million. For Berlusconi, however, the disbursements are not new. Also in 2019 for the maintenance of his magnificent villas, the former premier had lost almost six million euros.

In detail, it was the maintenance cost (16.3 million, 768 thousand more than the previous year) to weigh more, as well as the expenses for the repairs of buildings and plants (costing about 5 million) and bills: above all that of water, which grew by almost 40 percent the million, but also those of light and gas (+20). Not to mention the telephone one, which has passed in a year from 106 thousand to 172,690 euros.

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million euros ten years Libero Quotidiano

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