From 16 June to 1 July BE POP! 8 free appointments at sunset between current affairs, literature, music and theater



Third edition – from June 16 to July 1 – Parco Virgiliano (Rome)


Ilaria Capua – Marino Sinibaldi – Carlotta Sami – Domenico Iannacone – Floriana Bulfon – Luigi Manconi – Vincenzo Paglia – Nadia Terranova – Davide Enia – Annalisa Camilli – Ernesto Ruffini – Giorgio Zanchini – Annagaia Marchioro – Giancane – Alessandro Pieravanti

Put eight evenings at aperitif time. A café surrounded by greenery, a stage, a microphone, the desire to be together and chat about human rights, migration, freedom, gender issues, cities and much more. With a touch of lightness.

With eight free admission events (16, 17, 21, 22, 23, 24, 30 June and 1 July, at 7.30pm), Be pop! Without losing love, the third edition of the meeting review organized by the Be pop! at the Caffè Nemorense, inside the Parco Virgiliano in Rome.

The project, promoted by Roma Culture, is the winner of the Roman Summer 2020-2021-2022 public notice curated by the Cultural Activities Department and is carried out in collaboration with SIAE. As in previous years, the review takes place under the patronage of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Rome II Municipality, in collaboration with the international media partners, Rai Radio 3 and the DiRE news agency, with the contribution of the Charlemagne Foundation through the Periferiacapitale program.

The meetings will take place in compliance with all safety measures provided for outdoor events in this period.

A journey into the lexicon of our society and our lives, to overcome prejudices and clichés through different languages ​​and with numerous guests who will bring their experiences and ideas, without losing the passion that has always animated the debate on these issues. A Be pop! the setting, the atmosphere, the audience will also make it light to talk about taxes or menstruation.

A varied parterre of guests will participate in this third edition of the festival, with a program that, as always, ranges from current affairs, literature, music and theater. On June 16 we start with La Cura. Conversations about the pandemic together with the virologist Ilaria Capua (in connection from the United States), the former director of Rai Radio 3 Marino Sinibaldi and the philosopher Giorgia Serughetti. It continues on June 17 with Nadia Terranova, 2019 finalist of the Strega Prize, who will talk about memory and K, the new literary magazine of which she is curator, together with journalists Annalena Benini and Simonetta Sciandivasci (Il Foglio) and the playwright Davide Enia, who contributed to it with their own story.

The second week of the review opens on Monday 21 June with the presentation of the new podcast of Internazionale on the events of the G8 in Genoa in 2001, twenty years after those terrible days: the journalist Annalisa Camilli and the director Giovanni De Mauro will talk about it. On June 22, as in previous editions, there will be a special appointment on the occasion of the World Refugee Day organized together with the UN Refugee Agency (UNCHR), which will be attended by the spokesperson of the Agency Carlotta Sami and the actor Alessandro Tiberi , who will read some passages from the book “La Frontiera” by Alessandro Leogrande, a writer very dear to Be pop! passed away prematurely.

Be pop! is the setting for unexpected meetings, such as the one scheduled for June 23 between Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, and sociologist Luigi Manconi who will discuss together on “The meaning of life”, the title of the written book four hands, just published with Einaudi, moderated by Pietro Del Soldà (Rai Radio 3); but it is also an opportunity to look at current events under a different lens: Ernesto Ruffini, director of the Revenue Agency, and Giorgio Zanchini, radio host myself, will do so on June 24, talking about taxation and the deeper meaning the relationship between citizens and taxes.

Also this year, an evening will be dedicated to Rome: on June 30th, in collaboration with the Periferiacapitale program of the Charlemagne Foundation, we will talk about suburbs, trying to overcome stereotypes and analyzes that are now outdated, together with those who, in recent years, have addressed the their job to explore the city and to transmit its most significant features: the journalist Floriana Bulfon and Salvatore Monni, economist, among the authors of the book “The maps of inequality”. The evening will close with the meeting with Domenico Iannacone and with some of the stories told in the show Che ci fare qui on Rai 3.

Finally, on 1 July, the closing evening of the exhibition, in collaboration with Coop, together with Silvia De Dea and Carolina Faccini of the Onde Rosa association, promoters of the campaign “The cycle is not a luxury” for the abolition of the tampon tax, he will talk about menstruation, one of the biggest taboos affecting women, and why it is unacceptable for sanitary pads to be fiscally equated with luxury goods. The comparison will be accompanied by actress Giulia Maulucci who will read extracts from the text by Mattia Torre Perfetta, which tells a month of a woman’s life through the four phases of the female cycle.

Not just dating at Be Pop! Without losing love, music and theater also find a home: the actress and comedian Annagaia Marchioro will be the protagonist on June 17 of a theatrical foray with samples from her show pourpaler, an exhilarating comic-scientific investigation into the power of language, and on 1 July the grand finale with Alessandro Pieravanti from Il Muro del Canto and Giancane.

Furthermore, on June 16, it will be possible to follow the Italy-Switzerland match (European football championships) on a large screen.

During the exhibition, there will be a space reserved for local realities – such as independent associations and bookstores – to make their activities known. The meetings will also be translated into sign language (LIS).

In its third year of activity – after the forced pause of 2020 due to the pandemic – the festival resumes the fil rouge undertaken in 2018 and 2019, when on the stage of the Caffè Nemorense, figures from politics and institutions such as Emma Bonino took turns. Luigi Manconi, Carlotta Sami, Capitano Ultimo alongside figures from the world of cinema and theater such as Valerio Mastandrea, Valerio Aprea, Ascanio Celestini, Michela Giraud, writers and journalists such as Igiaba Scego, Christian Raimo, Giorgio Zanchini, Pietro Del Soldà, Andrea Minuz, Francesca Mannocchi, Elena Stancanelli, to musicians and artists like Amir and Dj Banana up to TV faces like Diego Bianchi and Marisa Laurito.

To host Be Pop! Without losing love, as always is the welcoming Caffè Nemorense, a reality born from the virtuous meeting between the Barikamà cooperative and the Grandma catering company, which have also refurbished the Virgiliano Park, a green corner of the Trieste district that welcomes coffee. and the festival. The event was organized by the almost all-female team of the Be pop! Association, with great experience in the field of human rights.

Wednesday 16th June

19.00: Opening of the exhibition

The cure. Conversations about the pandemic (in collaboration with Rai Radio 3)

7.30 pm: Marino Sinibaldi (former director of Rai Radio 3) talks with Ilaria Capua (virologist) and Giorgia Serughetti (philosopher).

9.00 pm: screening of the Italy-Switzerland match (European football championships)

Thursday 17th June

The magazine you don’t expect

7.30 pm: Meeting with Nadia Terranova (writer and editor of the magazine K – Linkiesta Fiction), Annalena Benini and Simonetta Sciandivasci (journalists of Il Foglio) and Davide Enia (playwright, actor).

9 pm: POURPARLER. Theatrical raid by Annagaia Marchioro (actress)

Monday 21st June

Twenty years after the wounds of Genoa (in collaboration with Internazionale)

7.30 pm: presentation of the Internazionale podcast on Genoa 2001 with Annalisa Camilli (journalist of Internazionale) and Giovanni De Mauro (director of Internazionale).

Tuesday 22nd June

In defense of humanity (in collaboration with UNHCR for World Refugee Day).

7.30 pm: Carlotta Sami (Unhcr Italia spokesperson) talks with Annalisa Camilli (journalist of Internazionale).

Alessandro Tiberi reads passages from La frontiera by A. Leogrande.

Screening of Coez’s video for Open Arms “It’s always beautiful on Tour”.

Wednesday 23 June

The meaning of life

7.30 pm: Luigi Manconi (sociologist) and Msgr. Vincenzo Paglia (president of the Pontifical Academy for Life) present the book The Meaning of Life (Einaudi, 2021). Moderated by Pietro del Soldà (Rai Radio 3)

Thursday 24th June

And I pay!

7.30 pm: Ernesto Ruffini (director of the Revenue Agency) talks with Giorgio Zanchini (Rai Radio 1).

Wednesday 30 June

Telling the periphery (in collaboration with the Charlemagne Foundation through the periferiacapitale program)

7.30 pm: Meeting with Floriana Bulfon (journalist, author of Casamonica, the secret story), Salvatore Monni (development economist, Roma Tre University, author of The Seven Rome) and Domenico Chirico (Charlemagne Foundation, Periferiacapitale program).

9.00 pm What am I doing here. Tales from the suburbs. Meeting with Domenico Iannacone (Rai 3).

Thursday 1st July

The cycle is not a luxury (but it is still a taboo) (in collaboration with Coop)

7.30 pm: Theatrical raid by Giulia Maulucci (actress), who will read pieces from Perfetta by Mattia Torre.

20.00: Meeting with Silvia De Dea and Carolina Faccini (group Onde rosa)

9.30 pm: Musical incursion by Giancane and Alessandro Pieravanti.


Admission via Nemorense, 41 free admission




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