“I do not find seasonal”. “Pay them more”. The fight breaks out between Landini and Santanchè – Time

“I do not find seasonal”. “Pay them more”. The fight breaks out between Landini and Santanchè – Time
“I do not find seasonal”. “Pay them more”. The fight breaks out between Landini and Santanchè – Time

Giorgia Peretti

03 June 2021

The fight breaks out between Maurizio Landini, general secretary of the CGIL, e Daniela Santanchè Senator of the Brothers of Italy. Both are guests in the Thursday 3 June episode of L’Aria che tira, the morning talk hosted by Myrta Merlino on La 7. The issue under discussion on the presenter’s table is the blocking of layoffs after the outbreak of the pandemic.

Landini does not waste time remembering that the current situation of workers is serious “precariousness has increased, wages have lowered those who work are poor … We are a country that is not yet out of the pandemic and where people who have to live need to work have paid a very heavy price. “Shortly afterwards, the sparks light up when another thorny issue is introduced, namely, that of seasonal workers. Santanchè: “The first thing I would like to say to Landini if he knows entrepreneurs who are happy to fire, the great strength of entrepreneurs is human resources. He resigns only when he is in serious economic difficulty and the business is not going well. This year we, and I say this as an entrepreneur in the tourism sector, this year we are unable to find seasonal workers. And do you know why? Many take citizenship income, work two days in black and earn what they need. I make an appeal, if someone is looking for a job, because we need personnel that we cannot find for this cursed citizenship income that makes them work two days in the black and do not want to sign any type of contract “, denounces the senator.

Per Landini, the refusal of a job for seasonal jobs is not to be traced in the measure of the citizen’s income but in the wages that are too low, and he counterattacks as follows: “Hourly quota and how many hours they make him do are issues that must be addressed. There is the problem of paying them a little more and there is also the problem of paying them all the hours they do. This happens not because they have citizenship income, in many cases because they take too little compared to what they do … If we want to have a serious discussion let’s do it without pretending otherwise it becomes a bit fake. If you pay more and give them better conditions, you will see that you will also find people who work ”.

Daniela Santanchè, however, it doesn’t fit and freezes it like this: “This is not an acceptable excuse, she is saying if they pay more without knowing how much they are paid, so she is talking about nothing. I’m talking to her on the pitch, not on television jokes. “Once he leaves the scene Landini, the Santanchè responds to the curiosity of Merlino on the wages of his employees: “A waiter who works with us takes between 1,300 and 1,600 euros a month, plus a tip from 500 to 700 euros, so it doesn’t seem like an underpaid job. Because if it goes very badly, he takes home 2,000 euros a month. So when I say that people, between benefits and citizenship income, prefer to take those and work two or three times a week illegally, this is the reality of the country. Then I am sorry that there are entrepreneurs who instead exploit the people who work … “.

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