In Italy there is no culture of prevention

In Italy there is no culture of prevention
In Italy there is no culture of prevention

“In Italy after 40 years unfortunately a lot has changed and at the same time thanks to Vermicino. rescue of Alfredino has improved. We learned that there was a need for an organized rescue system, coordination between rescuers that was not there in Vermicino. “This was stated in an interview with Ansa Daniele Biondo, psychoanalyst of the Alfredo Rampi Center, born by the will of the parents of the child a few weeks after the tragedy that held all of Italy in suspense in 1981. The Alfredo Rampi Center is today a national reference point for the training of rescuers. In these forty years, about 60 thousand children and young people have participated to the courses of the center, organized to promote the culture of safety and protection lockdown, she helped people who needed help by telephone through her psychological team. Franca Bizzarri Rampi, the mother of the child who died at the age of six, declared that in our country “the culture of prevention is still widespread”. On the other hand, at the level of relief efforts, giant steps have been taken.

The Alfredo Rampi Center

The Alfredino Rampi Center was born by the will of the child’s parents a few weeks after his tragic death following the fall into a well in Vermicino. They wanted no one to face a dramatic event like the one that forever marked their lives. An event that was sent live by Rai and which followed the whole story, from the rescue attempt to recover Alfredino until the tragic ending. “Franca Rampi reacted to the pain with great force: she immediately made an appeal to be mobilized as citizens and institutions, soon founded the association in the name of her son because no mother had to experience the drama she had lived through – Biondo continues – It was the only three-day live broadcast that really told the reality: in which we saw the confusion, the disorganization, the psychological pressure on the rescuers and the country was traumatized. “.

The death of Alfredino Rampi

The one in which Alfredino Rampi died went down in history as’the Vermicino accident ‘. On June 10, 1981, the child, aged only six, fell into an artesian well in Selvotta, a small hamlet in the countryside near Frascati. For three days the rescuers tried to save him, but no one was able to get Alfredino out of the well. There were many controversies both on the rescue and on the decision to broadcast the event live, which became areality show dell’orrore’. The baby will die after three days, the body was recovered almost a month later. Following the tragedy, the Civil Protection was created, so that events like this never happen again.


Italy culture prevention

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