Volleyball, Nations League, Italy to the first victory

Volleyball, Nations League, Italy to the first victory
Volleyball, Nations League, Italy to the first victory

Valentini’s team beat Prandi’s Bulgaria at the tie break with a good performance from Pinali, Cavuto and Michieletto. Tomorrow at 4.30 pm Iran

Italy-Bulgaria 3-2 (25-19, 20-25, 25-13, 23-25, 15-12)

The first Italian victory in the Nations League arrives. It is up to the men to get the better of Silvano Prandi’s Bulgaria without Sokolov in a fluctuating and never predictable match that allows the Azzurri to leave the lot of teams with zero wins. Tomorrow at 16.30 there is the Irano. Valentini deploys the diagonal Sbertoli-Pinali, the bands Michieletto-Cavuto, Galassi-Cortesia in the center and Balaso free. Prandi responds with Stankov-Parapunov, Asparuhov-Petrov, Khavdarov-Kolev, Ivanov. The first set is decided at the beginning when a 6-0 break propitiated by Michieletto and Galassi brings Italy 10-6. Advantage consolidated by Cavuto joining the party. With the regular ball change the set goes smoothly. In the second, Bulgaria comes out clinging to Asparuhov and Parapunov always kept in the game by a Stankov who almost totally ignores his own power stations, while Italy falls in defense and on the wall and allows the opponents to move away and control the set. Fluctuating trend that continues in the third with Italy finding themselves 11-3 ahead with Michieletto and Cavuto. Prandi inserts Seganov in the direction but the problems come from the reception which suffers a lot and Italy reaches +11 and then closes easily. Seganov and Svetoslav Ivanov on the pitch in the fourth set which begins with more balance. Bulgaria misses less, defends more and exchanges are getting longer, but the first advantage goes to Italy with Pinali. The blues, however, drop to serve making the task easy for the opponents. On the first occasion, Bulgaria goes ahead on the block and on the serve, also taking advantage of some too many mistakes of the Azzurri. An ace from Recine entered for Cavuto brings the score back in a tie but Parapunov takes the first set ball and brings the match to the tie break. With a lucky ace by Cortesia and an attack by Michieletto, Italy immediately takes the lead, Asparuhov continues to hammer but Galassi and Pinali go to +3 which allows him to close the match

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Volleyball Nations League Italy victory

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