Prix ​​Italia: the short list of competing programs, between the desire to restart and attention to the environment

Of the 241 products that broadcasters from all over the world presented at the 73rd edition of the Prix Italia, in Milan from 14 to 18 June, evaluated by 7 international juries (76 jurors), the short list of preselected candidates was reached.
Among the most talked about, two themes at the center of our lives: the post Covid-19, with the desire for redemption and the need to start again, and the ecological turning point, a new awareness on the importance of the environment acquired during the hardest months .
For each of the 9 Radio, TV and Web categories, the 7 best products have been selected, among which the juries will choose the winners.
RAI, the only Italian broadcaster present in the selections, asserts itself with two programs: the Mental web series produced by Rai Fiction, in the “Web Fiction” category; and the staging of La Traviata by Martone produced by Rai Cultura with the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma (culture produced “in presence” in difficult conditions), in the “Tv Performing Arts” category. But all art and culture are at the center of this year’s selections: from the great television happening Marina Abramović takes possession of TV (Sky UK), to the first works promoted by broadcasters (Musica per sirene, CZCR – Czech Rep.) , tributes to Bach (Solo with JS Bach, ABC – Australia), Chopin (Chopin. The Caribbean note, TVP – Poland) and Beethoven (Roll over Beethoven, SRG SSR – Switzerland).
Among the numerous examples in competition focused on the “green turning point”, the jurors selected programs that address the equilibrium of the ecosystem (The symphony on rising seas, BBC), the hope in the ability of the planet and its inhabitants to save the habitat (Scorpion, ROR – Romania), the need for a new circular economy (The unsustainable cost of city life, SVT – Sweden), or simply the desire to return to experience nature in a fun way (Pesce-bingo, DR – Denmark).
Among the countries most represented in the 2021 edition of the Prix, France and the United Kingdom stand out with 10 programs each, followed by Germany with 7 proposals.
The most popular broadcasters are the BBC (UK) with 7 selected programs, ARTE (France) and ARD (Germany) with 6 programs each. Excellent results also achieved by DR (Denmark) with 4 selected programs, CZCR (Czech Rep.), NPO (Netherlands) and SRG SSR (Switzerland) with 3 programs each.
The 73rd edition of the Prix Italia will take place in Milan, from 14 to 18 June 2021, full of panels, conferences, previews and opportunities for reflection on the theme “Starting afresh from culture and entertainment. The role of the media for a new Renaissance ”.

The Award Ceremony, on June 17 at 17:00 at the Testori Auditorium of Palazzo Lombardia, when the 9 winners and 3 Special Prizes of the 2021 edition will be announced.

• Australia – ABC: Only with JS Bach
• Canada – CBC / SRC: This is not a Drake podcast
• Denmark – DR: Dangerous sounds
• Germany – ARD: At the moment, I live alone… Radio opera in nine pictures, based on texts by Henri Michaux
• Ireland – RTÉ: The ballad of the rescue of Stolwijk
• United Kingdom – BBC: Between the ears: The symphony on rising seas
• Czech Rep. – CZCR: Music for sirens

• Austria – ORF: Noisy nights
• France – ARTE RADIO / ARTE FRANCE: You will be a man dad
• France – RADIO ART / ART FRANCE: Godcast
• UK – BBC: Life is a radio in the dark
• Czech Rep. – CZCR: In the shell
• Romania – ROR: Scorpio
• Switzerland – SRG SSR: “Roll over Beethoven”. A sitcom about old Vienna in nine acts

• Austria – ORF: Welcome to Weikendorf
• France – ARTE RADIO / ARTE FRANCE: The echo of the Bataclan
• France – RADIO FRANCE: A particular story: Fabienne Kabou
• Germany – ARD: The endless journey of a human skull. The Church and German colonial rule in Namibia
• United Kingdom – BBC: The Stolen Girl – Omnibus, 2nd edition
• Slovenia – RTVSLO: The voice of the jackal
• Sweden – SVERIGES RADIO: Estonia – The night I didn’t die

• France – FRANCE3: The songs of the living
• Italy – RAI: ​​La Traviata
• Poland – TVP: Chopin. The Caribbean note
• UK – BBC: Lame Tales
• United Kingdom – CH4: Me and my penis
• United Kingdom – SKY UK: Marina Abramović takes over TV
• Sweden – SVT: True Colors in Brazil

• Denmark – DR: The cry of the wolf
• Finland – YLE: A piece of my heart
• France – ART FRANCE: Inhuman resources
• Germany – ZDF: The children of Windermere
• United Kingdom – CH4: It’s a shame (1st episode)
• Switzerland – SRG SSR: Crisis Unit
• Pan-European – HBO-E: Homeland

• South Korea – MBC: We meet Yong-gyun
• Denmark – DR: The mole
• France – ARTE FRANCE: Little girl
• France – FRANCE2: On the line
• Germany – ARD: The cave
• Netherlands – NPO: Stop filming us
• Sweden – SVT: The unsustainable cost of city life

• Italy – RAI: ​​Mental
• Netherlands – NPO: War stories
• Poland – PR: 1920 The Battle of Warsaw
• Poland – TVP: The TVP Kultura 2 channel
• UK – BBC: Swan Lake Bath Ballet
• Spain – RTVE: Riders
• Switzerland – SRG SSR: Metta da fein

• Belgium – RTBF: Plus thirty-two (+32)
• South Korea – KBS: Music selection contest: AI against humans
•    Francia – FRANCE TELEVISIONS: Trolls
• Germania – ARD: safespace
• Germany – ARD: The hate machine
• Netherlands – NPO: The class of 2020
• UK – BBC: Masterclass to get creative at home: Antony Gormley

• Denmark – DR: Fish-bingo
• Germany – ARD: Tatort – Interactive Radio, ep. 1: Hellfire
•    Giappone – NHK: Suzu-san here&there
•    Regno Unito – BBC: Life Drawing Live!: Pose Cam
• Czech Rep. – CZCR: Santa’s grandchildren
• Sweden – SVERIGES RADIO: The Walpurgis Night choir by P2.

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