The group of Italy at Euro 2021

The group of Italy at Euro 2021
The group of Italy at Euro 2021

Group Italy Euro 2021: the calendar

Let’s see first when Italy will play. The Azzurri’s calendar officially starts on 11 June in Rome: the opening race will be that against Turkey, at 21. Then we will play against Switzerland on Wednesday 16 June, always at 9 pm.

We will close Group A of Euro 2021 Sunday 20 June, in the match against Wales at 18.

A cycle of 3 games in 9 days: fast pace, like any self-respecting event of this kind. Calm and coolness will be needed, and above all the participation of all 26 Mancini squads.

This is the calendar of Italy:

  • Turkey-Italy (group A) – Friday 11 June, 9 pm. Olympic Stadium, Rome
  • Italy-Switzerland (group A) – Wednesday 16 June, 9 pm. Olympic Stadium, Rome
  • Italy-Wales (group A) – Sunday 20 June, 6 pm Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Turkey, Switzerland and Wales: Italy’s group ‘A’ at Euro 2021

Italy is clearly the favorite in Group A. Mancini’s blues, also thanks to an excellent path in the march towards Euro 2021, are candidates to finish first, but obtaining the result of the predictions will not be easy anyway.

Turkey and Switzerland hide pitfalls, while Wales appears to be more secluded. Different knowledge from the Italian Serie A championship: Turkey counts Calhanoglu as a star, but the various Under, Demiral and Muldur are not to be forgotten, in Switzerland coached by Petkovic, in addition to Freuler, there is Xhaka, transfer market goal of the Rome; in Wales, on the other hand, there is Juventus player Aaron Ramsey.

But let’s see in detail Italy’s opponents in Group A of Euro 2021.

Group Italy Euro 2021, the opponents: Turkey

A talented team, and perhaps for this reason a bit fickle. Able to make only two points less than France in the qualifiers for the European Championship, to beat her at home and draw away. In the same qualifying process, for example, the unexpected braking against Iceland also came. The same principles also applied a few months ago, in the World Cup qualifiers: victory against the Netherlands, then a draw with Latvia.

Ylmaz the lighthouse that Turkey clings to, also thanks to the season monster with Lille. Then, behind him, the light will be entrusted to Calhanoglu. With the Turkish selection, Italy ‘finds’ Under, which however could start slightly behind in the hierarchies compared to its comrades in the department.

A fact that should not be underestimated: in the other two matches of the group, Turkey will play in Baku, with an audience that will cheer for them at the stadium. It could be a factor for them, as it is for us in Rome.

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