no to the mugging of Viale Mazzini in Milan

no to the mugging of Viale Mazzini in Milan
no to the mugging of Viale Mazzini in Milan

“Next week I will ask the Roman deputies of all political forces to sign an interpellation addressed to the Government on the matter Rai in Milan”. The capital squares around public television. And it does so not only by rejecting again the project approved by the outgoing Board of Marcello Foa for the construction of one red rocks Padana, and above all by hardly counterattacking the controversy unleashed by the Milanese Beppe Sala and Letizia Moratti yesterday.

“Rai in Milan an unworthy idea”: the big names of TV against the “Saxa Rubra Padana”. And the Eurovision case appears

But let’s go in order. To announce a bipartisan interpellation is the vice president of the Pd group in the Chamber Roberto Morassut. The exponent of the Roman dem, siding alongside the governor of Lazio Nicola Zingaretti who in recent days defended the importance of the capital for the public company (a defense carried out yesterday also, but we get there), argues that it is not a question of “opening up a sterile territorial competition between two great city ​​”but to know the reason why the heads of state television have decided to invest only in Milan. “We want to know the industrial reasons and business strategy that led to the choice” to push Milan and neglect “the importance of the capital which already has a much more advanced asset”. In short, not a rivalry in the air, but the need to understand if there are political reasons behind the choice of the Foa board of directors (in league share). A request for clarification which in recent days has already registered the approval of the mayor Virginia Raggi, the leader of Forza Italia Antonio Tajani and many other politicians from different sides. «The Rai center of Saxa Rubra is the national Rai headquarters not only in Rome – explains Morassut – And it needs a technological and infrastructural modernization project. We would not want this Board of Directors to have chosen to sell the volumes already available to carry out a real estate transaction to invest the profits in Milan, rather than using them to develop the Rai center ».

Doubts that, however, do not seem to go down to the Milanese mayor Sala. “I am amazed by everyone, because in fact it is a defense that has no logic,” he replied yesterday to those who asked him about the position taken by Zingaretti on the matter. Not only that, Sala also attacked: “This idea that there is an elective affinity between Rai and Rome and that this thing cannot be touched is one of the examples why our country is unable to progress”. Harsh words echoed by some exponents of the Lombard dem and the vice president and councilor for Welfare of the Region, Letizia Moratti, who defined the project as “right” and “unthinkable” that Milan does not have its own TV production center.
Attacks and responses that could not leave Zingaretti indifferent. “Never anything against Milan” thundered the former secretary of the Democratic Party, “But as administrator and president I invest and defend my land from possible dangers of an emptying of the historical vocations of Rome such as the audiovisual industry”. A round of shields arrived yesterday on the sidelines of the delivery of the Constitution to the graduates who are receiving the vaccination at the Cloud, at the Eur: «I think it is right and even natural to do so. In many sectors this impoverishment has occurred in recent years ».

Rai in Milan? “It is the patrimony of Rome”: the case arrives in Parliament

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mugging Viale Mazzini Milan

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