Rome, Colosseum, Brothers of Italy and National Youth Rome to celebrate June 2nd

In front of Colosseum, Brothers of Italy Rome and National Youth Rome they wanted to celebrate June 2 with an event dedicated to the capital of Italy.

Brothers of Italy are asking for more resources and powers for the city of Rome with a constitutional reform that pays due respect to Rome Capital.

“Today is June 2, 75 years, the Republic Day, but it’s not really a party if Rome doesn’t really become the capital of Italy.

And for this Brothers of Italy with the Roman coordination of Brothers of Italy national youth and all the managers, municipal councilors and municipal coordinators of Roma Capitale are here in front of the Colosseo with a banner to ask more powers and resources for Roma Capitale why the Capital of Italy it must be honored with the right powers and the right resources.

Brothers of Italy he will always fight to ask for our capital resources, full powers and one constitutional reform that he can give him the honor he deserves ”, is what the Honorable Maria Teresa Bellucci (FdI) declares against the backdrop of the magnificent Colosseum.

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