Mariani, Rizzo and Bedori ask for a third anti-Sala “pole”

Thursday 3 June 2021 – 8:02 pm

Milan: Mariani, Rizzo and Bedori ask for a third anti-Sala “pole”

They write: “Uniting for a united proposal of the left and environmentalist”

Milan, June 3 (askanews) – A third “pole” to gather the associative forces of the environmentalist left and present themselves in the Milanese administrative elections both against the center-right and against the center-left led by Beppe Sala. The proposal was launched by Gabriele Mariani, candidate for mayor of the Milan coalition in the Municipality and Civic Environmentalist, Basilio Rizzo, municipal councilor of Milan in the Municipality, and Patrizia Bedori, municipal councilor of the M5S.

“After the appeal for unity to the left and environmentalist forces critical with the Sala administration and its development model – the three write in a note – we have jointly supported this need, making ourselves available for convergence. Today we still insist that the 5Stelle Movement and democratic and left-wing Civic lists join together to create a strong autonomous civic, left-wing and environmentalist pole in the city ”.

With the center-right that “trudges to identify one of their candidates” and the center-left that “does not make any innovative proposals on the model of city development”, underline the three, “we have a duty to try to create a unitary proposal, which responds to the world of the labor sacrificed by the choices of the government and to the serious economic crisis of the city caused by the pandemic, which mainly affected the working classes and the suburbs. It is not the time for single respectable speeches, but to create a strong and unanimous voice that responds to the needs of citizens for a city that is not unequal and protective of the working class ”, conclude Mariani, Rizzo and Bedori.


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Mariani Rizzo Bedori antiSala pole

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