in the first 100 days a clean up of the city

Thursday 3 June 2021 – 16:19

Rome, Gualtieri: in the first 100 days the city was cleaned up

“Powers to Municipalities and citizens on Pnrr”

Rome, June 3 (askanews) – “What would I do in the first 100 days as mayor of Rome? In the meantime, let’s clean up the city, cut the grass, remove the leaves from the manholes and redo the routine maintenance. In these days, in view of the elections, we see road construction sites that proliferate, often perhaps without talking to each other among the companies, one gets pitted and then some time later intervenes in the same place. Then I would give more funds to the Municipalities, to make the local institutions do the things they know best ”. This was stated by Roberto Gualtieri, Pd deputy and candidate in the primaries of the center-left for the Capitol, in Tagada ‘on La7.


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days clean city

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