“Pessina out painful choice. Verratti and Pellegrini unavailable”

“Pessina out painful choice. Verratti and Pellegrini unavailable”
“Pessina out painful choice. Verratti and Pellegrini unavailable”

Roberto Mancini, coach of the Italian national team, spoke at the press conference in view of tomorrow’s match against the Czech Republic, valid as a friendly test in view of the Europeans starting on 11 June. These are his words.

Su Raspadori

“He is different from Ciro and Gallo, he could be the future of the national team. He has extraordinary qualities, it was the only motivation. I hope he can come in and do like Paolo Rossi, but I didn’t bring him just for this. He can do well in the national team. The condition will count. Especially in the first match, we have 8 days, it will be very important. For him it will be a great experience, if it is useful we will see him during the tournament. For tomorrow we see the conditions, he played 120 minutes 48 hours ago, we will see tonight if it will be better to let him rest. Before the Under 21 it came from a muscle problem “.

On Pellegrini and Verratti

“Apart from Pellegrini and Verratti they are all available, maybe we can let Jorginho rest. But between now and 11 there are still days”.

On Sensi-Pessina

“We have recovered Sensi, the only one is Marco (Verratti, ed) and we will see how he will be in a week. Pessina out was a painful choice like the others, leaving him out … They all deserved to be there for the players and the guys who I’m”.

On Immobile and Belotti

“There are 3 strikers now: one will start between Ciro and Gallo, then we’ll see. We want to play all the games up to London, we’ll need both, maybe all three. The physical aspect will also count.”

On Spinazzola, Emerson and Berardi

“In the 4 defense, both Spinazzola and Emerson will play tomorrow. Front right for Berardi and Chiesa will be the same thing. We think Berardi can play tomorrow.”

On Bonucci

“When they are on the pitch they will give their experience. Then the work done in these two years has also come thanks to them, we have made sure that the youngsters fit in faster. This is also thanks to the more experienced”.

Su Donnarumma

“Gigio is fine. Psychologically he has no problems, he has been playing at these levels for years”.


Pessina painful choice Verratti Pellegrini unavailable

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