Mottarone, Nerini already investigated for two accidents in ‘Alpyland’ – Chronicle

Mottarone, Nerini already investigated for two accidents in ‘Alpyland’ – Chronicle
Mottarone, Nerini already investigated for two accidents in ‘Alpyland’ – Chronicle

Rome, 3 June 2021 – The name of Luigi Nerini it is not new in power of attorney in Verbania: as shown in the request with which the chief prosecutor Olimpia Bossi asked for the validation of the detention and the extent of the prison for the tragedy of the Mottarone cable car (rejected by the judge), the operator of the plant, on which they have lost their lives 14 people, it was already under investigation for two incidents in which an employee and a passenger were injured, which occurred in 2017 and 2019. The alleged offense is negligent injury.

Hypothesis: broken cable due to massive use of ‘forks’

The accusation of the former mayor: “Nepotistic management of the plant”

The incidents occurred in another attraction facility managed by Nerini, theAlpyland, a rail track. At the moment, they are not connected with the disaster of Sunday 23 May, the accident of the fall of the cable car, but they are remembered by the prosecutor to support “the already demonstrated impatience to a scrupulous respect for the security measures aimed at protecting the safety of users of this kind of systems “.

“In some videos the forks in use already in 2014 and 2018”

Eitan leaves resuscitation

The investigations disturbing details continue and emerge from the reports of the interrogations of the cableway operators – “the test runs to test safety carried out with tourists in the cabin” – denied, however, by the lawyer Marcello Perillo, who, reporting a comment from his client, the head of service Gabriele Tadini, regarding the images released by the German broadcaster Zdf, assures: “Before this year on the cabins of the Mottarone cableway” the ‘forks’ were used for the empty ride or for maintenance, but never with people on board “.” If you see people in the cabin – added the lawyer – according to Tadini they are cable car operators or maintenance workers “.

And just this afternoon Perillo made one remote reconnaissance in the area of ​​the accident, without approaching the seized wreckage: the Verbania Public Prosecutor’s Office had not accepted, this morning, his request for a real inspection, reserving this type of activity, even with the presence of part experts, to the phase of unrepeatable investigations, which are carried out with the legal guarantees for all parties involved. The lawyer who, exchanging a few words with the reporters on leaving the public prosecutor’s office, said he was “resentful” at the decision of the magistrates, however, respected the limits set.

Meanwhile, the president of the court of Verbania, Luigi Maria Montefusco, in a note released this morning, she expressed “full and convinced solidarity“to the investigating judge Donatella Banci Bonamici after the controversy that arose following the decision not to validate the retainers requested by the prosecutor, consequently freeing the engineer Enrico Perocchio and the owner of the cableway Luigi Nerini and placing Gabriele Tadini under house arrest. The president of the court writes that “the media hype of the tragic event and the shared suffering for the victims do not in any way justify the real ‘pillory’ and even the unacceptable and worrying threats to which the investigating judge of this court, for adoption alone of an act of his office, was submitted by a part of public opinion “, and speaks of” an exemplary and dutiful commitment proffered in an official act taken in a delicate and complex investigation only aim to ascertain the truth“.

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