Rome, M5S post photo of Zingaretti on the Tiber cycle path

A photo of the Pd president of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti by bike on the controversial cycle path along the Tiber, whose restructuring was blocked by the superintendencies: the M5S president of the Capitoline Environment Commission Daniele Diaco shares it from his Fb page with a message for detractors of the work: “Don’t worry, do not suffer from hallucinations – writes Diaco -: the cyclist in shorts and red t-shirt who yesterday morning was cheerful and carefree along the cycle path on the Tiber was just him, the president of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti”.

“Look how happy he is – continues the exponent of the Capitoline M5S -. But how: first criticizes the mayor Virginia Raggi on the cycle question and then is she among the first to use it? For the series: who despises buys. Good stalking President, as you see Virginia Raggi works well for you too ”, he concludes.

The president of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, had in fact ironized: “If we put the asphalt on the roads to cover the holes and not on the banks of the Lungotevere it would be nice. This is the beauty of this city, a city full of holes and we put the bitumen on the Lungotevere ”.

The superintendency rejected the redevelopment works
The restoration work is continuing and it seems that the Department and the Superintendency are finding an agreement to replace that black bitumen with a light gray. But the color, in reality, turns out to be the least of the problems and the redevelopment work presents far more serious differences. The authorization requested is wrong and there is no technical and graphic documentation that describes in detail the interventions to be carried out in an area subject to monumental and landscape protection. And it does not matter if it is “ordinary maintenance to restore a mantle that already existed”, as the councilor Meleo has repeatedly emphasized. The superintendency has spoken and the Department has to start over.

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