Breath of color, exhibition by Marison Ray

Breath of color, exhibition by Marison Ray
Breath of color, exhibition by Marison Ray

Milano – From 4 to 30 June 2021 the Stelline Foundation of hosts the exhibition on Breath of color of the artist Marison Ray, curated by the art historian Alessandro Vezzosi, with the collaboration of Claudio Guida and Agnese Sabato.

Milano – Marison Ray, since childhood, loved drawing as if it were a gift. He started his very young design experience in design: from Turin it reached Japan, which inspired it so much. He traveled the world acquiring strong imaginative sensations like those of the bullfight in Spain: dust, blood, violence; finally he highlighted its power and dynamism in the forms. Marison Ray’s is one painting that invites you to reflect, to deepen the reasons, characters and meanings. After a first glance, from afar, the canvases require you to get closer and closer, almost to enter the picture, among the clots, layers and resonances of color, where the breath of the colors accompanies the explosion of the painting.

Milano – The exhibition presents a selection of the works she has created over the last seven years: 16 large canvases, 7 smaller ones and several preparatory studies on paper which reveal his creative method, from the initial sparkle to the expansion of color. There are also some works from the past, first of all the Portrait of the mother, understood by her as origin ed celestial essence of life; and then Passions in 2006, the four-handed painting with Ezio Gribaudo; and again the diptych of 2009 with light colors that overcome inertia in interpenetration of vitalistic gestures.

The period of the 90s when Marison Ray represented mysterious and solitary figures looking at the sky, defenseless in front of the world and the violent city, is far away; until the catastrophe of the twin towers in 2011. His paintings no longer decipher figures of existential dramas, but rather inventions of absolute creative freedom. Titles today are often decipherments (Spiral of energies) or clues of the initial matrix, which is transformed until almost all figurative connotations are lost (Bull in Eden). The painting is an alphabet of abstract gestures and signs: the macrocosm in the microcosm of painting is the place that contains the ultimate essence, the secret and the perception of the inner world.

The exhibition can be visited at free entry, in compliance with the anti Covid-19 regulations in force, in 10.00-19.00 hours from Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays). Reservations are not compulsory but recommended for Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays; more information on email or by calling the number 02 45462411.

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