The Milanese’s Bambi left without a mother

The Milanese’s Bambi left without a mother
The Milanese’s Bambi left without a mother

03 June 2021 14:00

A young roe deer was recovered after being found, lost, without a mother. It happened on the morning of Thursday 3 June in Lacchiarella, a southern hinterland of Milan.

To notice the little one, who was wandering frightened in an area of ​​woods and meadows, a citizen, who after waiting in vain for his mother to intervene, turned to the hunting fish nucleus of the Milan metropolitan police.

The agents, after having ascertained that it was a very young specimen – of one, maximum two months of life – in turn awaited the return of the parent, but since there was no trace of the animal, they recovered the puppy by taking it to the Center. recovery of wild animals in the WWF Oasis of Vanzago (Milan).

The hypothesis is that the animal came from the nearby Ticino park. At Cras the puppy will be nursed and taken care of, with the aim of making him go free. In general, the indication if young deer or roe deer are sighted is not to touch them at all. Furthermore, in the event that you cross them with their mothers, it is essential to take the utmost care so that they do not get scared: it may in fact happen that the mother runs away and ends up abandoning them.


Milaneses Bambi left mother

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