Travaglio ad Accordi & Disaccordi (Nove): “The political controversies surrounding the release of Brusca? The real battle is to defend the life imprisonment”

“The political controversy surrounding the release of Giovanni Brusca? To find out who commits the crimes of the mafia, to arrest the mafia we need to make pacts with the criminals ”. So Marco Travaglio, in his weekly ad ‘Agreements & Disagreements’, the political talk led by Luca Sommi e Andrea Scanzi on air every Wednesday all 21.25 its New commented on the release of the famous repentant recalling how the real battle to do is, as said by Giovanni Falcone’s sister, Maria, “the strenuous defense oflife imprisonment to make sure he doesn’t go out even for a day who has not cooperated with justice “. It is clear that there is always the possibility that a repentant knows more than he has admitted: “If you have no elements to make him say more, you are satisfied with what he has told you. I am also convinced that all repentants know much more, at least the high-level ones, those who were part of the regional and provincial commissions of Cosa Nostra when certain decisions were made because those decisions were also taken by Cosa Nostra on suggestion or input or to do a favor to those who asked them ” , said the director de Daily fact. “What to say, then, to an italian that in front of the television he hears, after only 25 years, that the one who killed more than 100 people, Giovanni Falcone, dissolved a child in acid, is back on the loose? ”, asked the host. “Life imprisonment is only one. Even if they give him 25 life sentences, he doesn’t have more than one life. So it is a nonsense speech even that. It is obvious that you have to differentiate the treatment sanctioning between those who help justice and those who boycott it ”, concluded the journalist.

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