Saman had a secret: his father’s anger when he found out

Saman had a secret: his father’s anger when he found out
Saman had a secret: his father’s anger when he found out

Now a secret boyfriend comes up. It seems in fact that Saman Abbas, the 18-year-old Pakistani woman who passed away more than a month ago, had been in a relationship for some time and was in love. However, he was not the man chosen by his family and, perhaps for this reason, the young woman from Novellara was killed and her body hidden.

Saman was in love

As reported by QuotidianoNazionale, Saman had run away from him during his stay in the protected community of Bologna. Theirs was a badly viewed relationship by the 18-year-old’s family who instead wanted to see her married to a fellow countryman, apparently a cousin. The relatives had therefore refused that love and indeed, they had decided to lock Saman in a family home, far away from that boy. The fiance Saman, also a Pakistani, lives hundreds of kilometers away, but it seems they had been dating for months. On the Instagram profile, the young woman in love had written: “I am not alone but I am lonely without you”, as if to say, I’m not alone but I feel abandoned without you, entrusting her pains of love to the web.

The 18-year-old had fled the community at least a couple of times to join her boyfriend, to see him, even if only for a short time. But those brief moments seemed enough for her. But until he decided to turn his life upside down once and for all, in the name of that love hindered by his family. She had taken off her veil, put on a pair of jeans and sneakers, and went to her parents to get her parents back. documents, needed to go abroad with your boyfriend. But perhaps, faced with that extreme gesture, the will of an 18-year-old in love, the suspects reacted in the worst way. They are accused of deceiving her into the countryside and killing her, and then hiding her body.

That shocking video

In the shock video taken by the security cameras, three people, with two shovels and a bucket, as well as a blue bag and a crowbar, are seen heading towards the fields. The registration date is last year April 29, at 19. In the video, in other subsequent images, the same figures are always seen returning after about 2 and a half hours. They are Saman’s uncle and two cousins. The following evening the same cameras film Saman leaving the house with his parents and going to the countryside. When they return, about ten minutes later, Saman is not there. The 18-year-old’s younger brother said that Danish uncle Hasnain would have killed his sister.

Yesterday one of Saman’s cousins, Ikram Ijaz, was arrested in France, and in about 10 days he will be extradited to Italy. For the time being, he has denied all charges, both that of murder and of corpse concealment, and agreed to return to our country to be judged. Meanwhile, research continues to find Saman’s body, also using molecular dogs and drones.

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