In Quarto Oggiaro we start again with the Arché Bazar

In Quarto Oggiaro we start again with the Arché Bazar
In Quarto Oggiaro we start again with the Arché Bazar

The antiques and modern antiques market will take place in the suburb of Milan. Far from the center, but close to the heart of the Foundation’s daily activities

After a year of forced break, the Arché Bazar is back in its summer version. From 9 to 13 June the antiques and modern antiques market opens its doors at the premises of the Corte di Quarto, in CasArché, in via Lessona 70 in Milan. From 10 to 19 (except Wednesday 9 when it opens at 14), in compliance with the safety regulations in force, visitors will have the opportunity to be surprised by the uniqueness and beauty of the items on display: from precious cabinets to lamps and services of ceramic plates, as well as period paintings and prints.

The Arché Bazar moves to the Sala Stoppiglia of the Corte di Quarto, the building, inaugurated by the Foundation in Quarto Oggiaro in 2019, which in its 14 apartments welcomes families in difficulty and individuals and couples in solidarity. The Corte di Quarto is inserted, together with the mother and child community Casa Adriana, within CasArché, the new location chosen by Arché in 2016.

If the position has changed, the voluntary commitment of men and women remains equally necessary. Like the previous editions, in fact, even the one that kicks off on 9 June is made possible by friends and supporters who, starting with Dr. Elisabetta Bordiga, animate the Arché Bazar from the beginning, putting their time at the disposal of a useful event to support the activities of Arché alongside mothers and children and fragile and vulnerable families.

«It is with great joy that we open the doors of the Corte di Quarto to citizenship. A project made possible by the support of many friends and supporters and by the support of the neighborhood that has never failed in recent years. It was an effort and a collective commitment that continues, filling this peripheral place with life and stories of redemption every day – says Father Giuseppe Bettoni, president of the Arché Foundation which this year celebrates its thirtieth anniversary of activity -. The Arché Bazar is a great opportunity to get to know and support us ».


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