HomeLab Milan: virtual and immersive experience at the service of interior design, designing a home with a click is now possible

HomeLab Milano is an innovative interior design and visual concept project, an entirely online service that, thanks to advanced 3D technologies, allows you to visualize your future home. The proposed “Collections” are a support for translating the idea of ​​style into a real project, the user can then choose to purchase the furnishings through a dedicated shopping list. To start the design of your spaces, from today, just one click.

The project is designed to meet the renewed needs of those who, buying a house, want to customize it, redesign it and adapt it to their own functional and aesthetic needs. HomeLab Milano appears to be, in this sense, a facilitator of all those processes necessary for the redesign of a property as a specific location. Certainly very complex operations and certainly not within everyone’s reach, as it is necessary to face a vast selection of brands, furnishings and finishes without knowing the world of design and without having enough time to devote to design. A frustrating job because very often it is difficult to imagine what the overall final result will be, without having a general starting point and a guide to follow.

Easy to use, HomeLab is an agile tool that can be managed through your device. The user is offered pre-packaged styles, called “Collections”, the result of in-depth research on the interior design trends of the moment, so as to speed up the process of creating the concept and identify with certainty their preferences. The furnishing proposals are constantly updated and, thanks to careful research, new working progress will be added.

What is physically purchased through HomeLab Milano is a digital book containing moodboards, layouts, renders, a detailed list of materials and furnishings, as well as the link for the virtual tour, thanks to which the user can “navigate” within the your home with a unique immersive experience. The use of augmented reality allows interior design to be transported to an advanced virtual level, so that users can preview their project, with significant savings in terms of both time and money.

HomeLab Milano was born as a service that is aimed at both private individuals, who want to redesign their apartment, and real estate agencies and promoters, who need to better advertise a property that, at present, is in unsuitable conditions, under renovation or with inadequate furnishings.

An online experience at 360 degrees, for a high quality virtual tour, which can be shared with your customers, with the possibility of receiving a weekly report of views and making sales faster and more advantageous.

The pilot project of HomeLab Milano was designed and built for the Milanese real estate agency UCAF Servizi Immobiliari, for an apartment located in Via Volta in Milan, top floor with terrace. Further information on the website: www.homelabmilano.com / Instagram: @homelabmilano

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