another shocking testimony on Denise Pipitone – Il Tempo

another shocking testimony on Denise Pipitone – Il Tempo
another shocking testimony on Denise Pipitone – Il Tempo

More and more witnesses are coming forward almost 17 years after the death of Denise Pipitone, which took place on 1 September 2004 in Mazara del Vallo. Storie Italiane, a program hosted by Eleonora Daniele on Rai1, deals again with the case of the kidnapping of the Sicilian girl and this time a former exponent of the armed forces is interviewed, who in particular deepens the ties of Claudio Corona, brother of Anna Corona – who according to rumors of recent weeks would end up in the register of suspects of the Marsala Prosecutor’s Office – which “had friends in the police. Not all the policemen were corrupt but he had friends who warn him. People did not trust the Mazara police, the carabinieri and the finance yes “.

The revelation is made with the face covered, with the back to the camera and with a disguised voice, to avoid any possible retaliation. “I’m talking – clarifies the witness – about 18 years ago, now things have changed, people, if they saw something they didn’t talk to the police because they knew that Claudio had friends with criminals but they were not mafia”. Maria Grazia Sanrocco, correspondent for Italian Stories, makes the situation of the guest better understand when she tries to clarify Denise: “It is a former member of the police who would have lived this experience indirectly. Claudio enjoyed the support of some members of the police, but he stressed that this happened 17 years ago and today things are different. According to him, the people who might have seen preferred to keep quiet because Claudio has always enjoyed protection ”. Giacomo Frazzita, lawyer of Piera Maggio, mother of Denise, a child with Piero Pulizzi, Anna Corona’s ex-husband, appreciates the interventions of those who are trying to help shed light on the case, but also makes an appeal: “Why don’t these people do they come forward? “.

In the RAI morning broadcast, an attempt is made to shed light on Anna Corona’s movements and the former manager of the hotel where the woman worked speaks: “The Crown on the day of Denise’s disappearance was in the hotel until 11:50 am, not I remember seeing it most in the hotel, absolutely not, I don’t know if others have seen it. There were fire escape stairs and maybe she could have come out of there ”. Other details that can help investigators.

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shocking testimony Denise Pipitone Tempo

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