Maturity 2021, assignment and preparation of materials for the interview

Final state exam of the second cycle of education as 2020/21, subcommittee prepares and assigns materials for interview. Here’s how and when.

Exam 2020/21

The final state exam of the second cycle of education as 2020/21, as we read in the OM n. 53 of March 3, 2021, consists of a only oral exam.

The final grade is expressed in hundredths and is the result of the sum of the scores attributed to interview (i.e. the exam) – for a maximum of 40 points – and those aschool credit requirements – for a maximum of 60 points.

The exam is passed by achieving the minimum score of sixty cents (60/100).


The exam interview is divided into 4 parts:

  1. discussion of a paper on the characterizing disciplines [individuate negli allegati C/1, C/2, C/3 rispettivamente  per Licei, Istituti Tecnici, Istituti Professionali] the study path
  2. discussion of a short text, already subject of study in the teaching of Italian language and literature, or of the language and literature in which teaching takes place, during the fifth year and included in the class council document presented by May 15
  3. analysis, by the candidate, of the material chosen by the sub-commission, with discussion of conceptual issues characterizing the various disciplines, also in their interdisciplinary relationship;
  4. presentation by the candidate, possibly through a short report or a multimedia elaborate, of the PCTO experience carried out during the course of study, only in the event that it is not possible to include this experience within the elaborate referred to in point 1 .

The third part of the interview, therefore, is dedicated to the analysis by the candidates of the material chosen by the subcommittee.

Preparation and assignment of material

The subcommittee proceeds with the preparation and assignment to the relative students of the materials referred to in point 3 above, at the beginning of each day of interviews, before their start.

The material consists of:

  • a text
  • a document
  • an experience
  • a project
  • a problem

The material:

  1. it is aimed at favoring the discussion of the conceptual nodes characterizing the various disciplines and their interdisciplinary relationship;
  2. is prepared and assigned by the subcommittee on the basis of the didactic path actually carried out, in accordance with the document of May 15, in order to consider the methodologies adopted, the projects and experiences carried out, with regard also to the individualization and personalization initiatives possibly undertaken in the course of study.

Maturity 2021: internal commission, document of May 15, maxiorale. Guides, legislation, advice, videos [SPECIALE]

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