evidence confirmed from June 16

evidence confirmed from June 16
evidence confirmed from June 16

The Capitol wins the battle at the Tar on the headquarters of the competition. And confirms the tests from June 16 onwards for over 220 thousand candidates. The maxi-selection to recruit 1,522 employees will take place at the Fiera di Roma, as established by Formez, the assistance center of the public administration. The Ergife hotel was opposed, complaining about the absence of a tender for the assignment of the order. But the administrative judges rejected the precautionary request of the hotel, a well-known venue for congresses, and set the hearing on the merits for September 29, when the tests will already be concluded (the last test is on July 31).

For the magistrates, “the public need to allow without delay the conduct of a competition trial already scheduled and imminent (first half of the current month of June 2021), of strategic importance for the municipal administration”, must prevail. In this perspective, the provision of the TAR reads, “the public interest must therefore be given pre-eminent consideration to the continuity of the assignment and insolvency transactions”.

Tests confirmed therefore from June 16 to July 31, with 3 thousand candidates per shift, twice a day. We are looking for 500 traffic police, 250 administrative employees and 100 officials, 200 employees of the “technical, construction, environment and territory” sector, 100 employees for IT services, 20 lawyers, 140 social worker officials, 80 school sector officials, another 80 for technical services. Over 60% of the applications received relate to a post as an administrative employee; 25% of candidates hope to be a policeman.

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evidence confirmed June

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