Why is Milan full of signs that invite you to go and live in Busto Arsizio?

Why is Milan full of signs that invite you to go and live in Busto Arsizio?
Why is Milan full of signs that invite you to go and live in Busto Arsizio?

A city to live in, a city to love. A new tailor-made city. The city in question is Busto Arsizio, a municipality of 83 thousand souls in the province of Varese, which has decided to rebuild its image by offering itself as a valid alternative to Milan, which is about thirty kilometers away. Thus, in recent days the municipality of Busto has had 270 advertising signs posted in the north-west neighborhoods of the Milanese capital with the claims “Busto Arsizio, your new tailor-made city”, “Busto city to live”, “Busto city to love “.

The goal, explained by the Bustoca administration, is “to promote the city and its excellence outside the municipal area”. “The initiative has its roots in the AttrAct call that the Lombardy region and Unioncamere launched at the time in order to enhance the territorial offer and to promote, in Italy and abroad, opportunities for localization and investment in the Lombardy region – explained the mayor Emanuele Antonelli – The administration participated in the tender and obtained funding to create a marketing plan which highlighted the need to create a distinctive and strong image of the city of Busto Arsizio, which would link it to the Milanese metro system, but highlighted the peculiarities and advantages compared to the offer of the capital, pointing for example to the quality of life, the level of services, the lower investments – in terms of cost of rents and purchases – necessary to settle. first citizen – an image that could promote Busto Arsizio as a valid alternative to Milan ”.

In the posters posted for Milan – the first appeared at the end of May – the main “levers” of Busto’s attractiveness are highlighted: school, sport, connections, culture and residential construction.

“We can say that we have made an important transition from the first hashtag, launched at the beginning of the mandate, ilbellodivivereabusto, with which we consolidated the belief that living in Busto was really beautiful for many reasons, to the current claim ‘Busto la tua new tailor-made city ‘which indicates instead the desire to share the advantages of living in Busto with other potential citizens “, concluded Antonelli.

“This is a project that is taking shape – echoed the councilor for major events, Paola Magugliani, who was responsible for marketing -. As soon as we took office we realized that Busto had a number of strengths that people did not know, so we started pressing the accelerator on communication. Then we joined the Lombardy region call to create a showcase with our potential and we introduced tax breaks for start-ups who want to set up their businesses in our city. Now we intend to continue on this track, we believe that this type of investment, which is a small part of our budget, can have a very strong economic return in the future that will benefit all citizens. We were inspired by what some cities abroad are doing, focusing on residential investments and the will to live and invest in Busto. A big operation that is not a point of arrival but must be a starting point “.

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