“Love Island Italia” with Giulia De Lellis: when it starts, how to see it and who are the Lovers

“Love Island Italia” with Giulia De Lellis: when it starts, how to see it and who are the Lovers
“Love Island Italia” with Giulia De Lellis: when it starts, how to see it and who are the Lovers

Milan – Everything is ready for “Love Island Italia”: will start Monday 7 June the cult program. The broadcast (produced by Fremantle for Discovery Italia) will air with a daily appointment on Discovery +. Leading the interactive dating reality will be Giulia De Lellis. “Love Island” is a worldwide television phenomenon, adapted in twenty countries, with a boom in casting registrations (16 thousand aspiring competitors).

How the program works

The show will follow the life of a group of singles that for four weeks will stay in a dream villa in Gran Canaria. The target? Find your soul mate and grab a gold coin award in a surprise ending. The purpose of “Love Island Italia” is don’t stay single. I Lovers – so singles will be called – all boys and girls between 19 and 30 years old, under the eye of the cameras they will spend their days between romantic flirts, attractions that are sometimes paid and sometimes not, inevitable jealousies, strategy games, trials to be overcome and eliminations. But in love the last word is never said. “The show simulates summer loves, what happens during the summers of each of us. A time when you often fall in love in one evening to change your mind the next day, “she said Laura Carafoli of Discovery Italia.

The role of the public

In fact, couples will be able to change throughout the duration of the show – the so-called recoupling – and the public will decide their fate through l’App Love Island Italia, where you can vote for your favorite couples but also decide on new surprise entries – le Bombshells – and many other activities. There couple that in the final episode will meet more the approval of the public will win the program and the prize pool of 20,000 euros in gold tokens. But only at the end will it be discovered whether the relationship is the result of a shrewd strategy or true love.

The presenter

Giulia De Lellis, popular TV face, fashion and beauty influencer with over 5 million followers, will follow the competitors in the program during the first episode and will return to the villa, surprisingly, in the highlights of the show, as well as celebrating the winning couple on the final evening. “If I were single I think I would have been on a show like this,” said the host. “On ‘Love Island’ the kids have the opportunity to be together around the clock. This is a game that captures the mind and the heart,” continued the presenter admitting that during the month she will be away from home she will miss her. not only the family, but also the boyfriend Carlo Gussalli Beretta: “He’s a boy of other times, it’s the first time I’ve met such a person. He is more unique than rare”. “I’m thrilled and honored to be the host of ‘Love Island Italia’. Maria De Filippi for me is an example. I would like to have her calm, her honesty, her objectivity, her control and her linguistic properties “commented Giulia De Lellis. “Conducting was one of my goals this year. When I received the proposal, I wondered if they were really sure about this choice,” he added.

The song of Shade

The show will be accompanied by the song ‘In an hour’ signed by Shade, the hit maker with eleven platinum and three gold records to his credit. The song, available on all digital platforms for Warner Music Italia, is a hit with a fresh sound that ranges between different genres, from rap to pop. The video, written by Shade himself together with Cristofer Stuppiello and Matteo Grandi, directed by Federico Santaiti, will be available from 4 June and brings back to the cinematic imagery of the artist’s video clips, in a world in which the atmosphere of the sitcom 1950s joins the colors of legendary pirate adventures. The video sees Giulia Salemi as the female protagonist. ‘Love Island Italia’ is produced by Fremantle for Discovery Italia.

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