White zone restaurants, 6 at the table indoors: no outdoor limits. Hope: “Well gradual path”

Limit of 4 people to the restaurant, the turning point comes. This is what we learn from sources that filter from the environments of the Regions that therefore win their battle. The proposal of the Conference and the Autonomous Provinces to expire the outdoor limits for catering activities and to extend – temporarily and to make it expire after two weeks – the maximum indoor ceiling from 4 to 8 people (the limit of 6 is the point of fall on which it would be converging in these hours) for table he would in fact find the consent of the government. President Fedriga would also have re-launched on the advisability of evaluating the abolition of outdoor limits also for the yellow areas and, in this regard, he would have undertaken to involve the national technical table.

The case of families – In the indoor restaurants in the white zone – within the limit of eight people at the table – there will be a maximum of two families. It is not yet clear whether the provision, which emerged in the light of the technical meeting that took place this morning – will be contained in a specific ordinance.

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Critic Burioni – An “important” discussion, but conducted in a “surreal” way. The virologist Roberto Burioni, professor at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan, thus defines the debate as the protagonist today of a technical table and of the confrontation between the Government and the Regions. In an intervention on the ‘MedicalFacts’ website he founded, the scientist points out that “no one, neither the institutions, and surprisingly not even the restaurant associations, has brought up the most important element from the health point of view: who is he at the table vaccinated or not vaccinated? ». “The current discussion on the number of seats that should be granted to restaurateurs at each table to reopen restaurants safely” in the Covid era “is important”, writes Burioni, because “if it is true that too lax decisions could lead to health dangers It is equally true that unnecessarily harsh decisions would cause further avoidable economic damage to a sector that has already been terribly affected by the events of the last 15 months. However, I find this discussion conducted in a completely surreal way ”, not considering precisely the key factor. «Why», and «it is good to say, as this is the indisputable and undeniable scientific reality – the virologist points out – if there are vaccinated people at the table it is one thing, if there are unvaccinated people it is another. Someone should have the courage to start discussing it seriously ».

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Zaia’s criticisms – «We are fully in the white zone. Today with fellow governors we will talk about the four seats at the table, which seems absurd to me ». This was stated by the president of Veneto Luca Zaia. “Nobody gets excited – Zaia specified – but it is true that over 100 kilometers we have covered 99. To say that at the restaurant there should be a maximum of four people at the table, it seems to me exaggerated, especially in the white area”, he concluded.

The position of Hope – «Things are better “in Italy on the Covid front” thanks to the vaccination campaign and the measures we have had in recent months “, it is now necessary” to continue on a gradual path, because it is right to reopen but step by step “since” a too long a step could make us pay a price », said the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, interviewed on the sidelines of the G7 in Oxford on the easing of the rules on tables in restaurants. «We must always distinguish the open from the closed – he added – because indoors there are many more risks. We are on the right path, we must insist on this path ».

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