On 21 June all of Italy (except the Aosta Valley) towards the white zone. Monday is the turn of 4 other regions

On 21 June all of Italy (except the Aosta Valley) towards the white zone. Monday is the turn of 4 other regions
On 21 June all of Italy (except the Aosta Valley) towards the white zone. Monday is the turn of 4 other regions

Yellow Italy proceeds rapidly towards the white zone. Forerunners were Friuli Venezia Giulia, Molise and Sardinia, the first to pass last May 31 in the band with fewer restrictions. On Monday 7 June it will be the turn of four other regions: Liguria, Veneto, Umbria and Abruzzo. Three consecutive monitoring is needed with less than 50 cases per week per 100 thousand inhabitants for the passage in the white zone. And monitoring on Friday 4th June will certify this requirement. But the decline in infections (thanks to the progress of the vaccination campaign) continues slowly and inexorably throughout the country. There are six other regions that, barring twists and turns, will be promoted to the white band on June 14: Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Puglia and the autonomous province of Trento.

The calendar of steps in the white area

Not only. The monitoring of June 4 should also ascertain the first week of incidence of infections below 50 positive per 100 thousand inhabitants of a further 7 regions (Tuscany, Marche, Campania, Basilicata, Calabria, Sicily and South Tyrol) which could therefore reach the white zone on June 21st. Only the Aosta Valley is still above the critical threshold. But the trend of infections is decreasing there too. According to projections, it should fall below the critical threshold on the occasion of the monitoring on 11 June. With the promotion of the Valle d’Aosta in the white band on June 28, Italy would find itself in a situation of almost normalcy.


The rules in force in the white zone

In the white zone, in fact, there is no curfew (the abolition of which is however also foreseen in the yellow zone from 21 June). And only the anti-contagion measures (distance, hygiene and masks) apply. Not only. The reopening of the economic and social activities planned for the yellow zone was anticipated. Therefore fairs, congresses, theme parks have restarted. But also wedding parties (with green pass for guests) indoor swimming pools, game rooms, spas and indoor sports halls. The discos are open but only for the bar and restaurant service, because dancing is still forbidden. The hypothesis of allowing the return to the track with a green pass is being studied.

As for bars and restaurants, there is no limit for outdoor tables. The government accepted the proposal of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces to drop the outdoor limits for restaurant activities and to extend – temporarily and to make it expire after two weeks – the maximum indoor ceiling from 4 to 8 people per table.


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