how do you vote in Rome, Turin and Bologna

how do you vote in Rome, Turin and Bologna
how do you vote in Rome, Turin and Bologna

The primary of the Democratic Party, with the gazebos in sight of the administrative elections 2021 which, among the main cities called to vote, will be set up a Roma, Torino e Bologna.

Instead, there will be no need for the primary in Milan and Naples: in the first case, the center-left will support the outgoing mayor compactly Beppe Sala, while in the shadow of Vesuvius PD and Movimento 5 Stelle will support the former minister together Gaetano Manfredi.

In Rome the big favorite of the primaries is Roberto Gualtieri, while in Turin and Bologna the situation appears to be much more uncertain: especially under the two Towers, the sparks between the two candidates have not been lacking recently Matteo Lepore e Isabella Conti.

Ma how to vote in the primaries of the Democratic Party? Compared to other years, the big news should be Get involved, the online platform to participate in the consultation electronically.

Primary PD: how do you vote?

The primary have been a tool used for years since Democratic party, thus resuming from 2005 what is the practice in the United States not only for the dem, but also for the Republican Party.

Usually these are extended primaries, or open also to aspiring candidates or secretaries from civil society or from other parties always belonging to the center-left area. The purpose is to involve members and militants thus avoiding decisions “dropped” from above.

When it comes to choosing a candidate for mayor, will become the aspiring first designated citizen of the coalition who will be able to get even one vote more than his challengers.

For the administrative elections 2021 to be held in October, in the main cities the PD has chosen to resort to the primary a Roma, Torino e Bologna. So let’s see in detail the date and the rules for each of these events.


The primary in Rome will be held on June 20th. The center-left coalition that will run together in the capital is formed as follows: Democratic Party, Article 1, Italian Left, Greens – Green Europe, Socialist Party, Radicals Rome, DEMOS, Left for Rome, Liberare Roma, Pop, Green Italia, PRI, Volt , It’s Alive, Possible, All for Rome. Rome for all, Rome you can say Strong, Civic Network, Italy Common Good and Animalist Party.

In total they will be seven candidates on the field: Imma Battaglia, Giovanni Caudo, Paolo Ciani, Stefano Fassina, Roberto Gualtieri, Cristina Guarcio and Tobia Zevi. To participate in these primaries, each of the aspiring mayors had to submit 1,500 signatures in support of their candidacy.

The modality will be the usual one for voting in gazebo which will be located in different parts of the capital. After paying a contribution of 2 euro, all residents aged 16 and over, including foreigners, will be able to vote.

In addition to the gazebos, you can vote online through Get involved, the platform of the Democratic Party. However, it will be necessary to register via SPID at least five days in advance.


A Torino instead the primary of the Democratic Party will be held Saturday 12 (15-20 hours) e Sunday 13 June (8-20 hours). In total they will be four candidates: Igor Boni, Enzo Lavolta, Stefano Lorusso and Francesco Tresso.

The modality will be the usual one of voting at the gazebos, which will be positioned in different parts of the city. After having paid a contribution of 2 euros, they will be able to vote all residents aged 16 and over, including foreigners.

Turin primary seats
Where the gazebos will be located in Turin for the 2021 primaries

To vote you must submit a identity document certifying residence in Turin and the election certificate certifying the section combined with the primary seat. Each voter can only vote in the polling station that includes their constituency or residential address

I minors they will still vote by showing an identity document. They will be able to vote at the seat combined with the electoral sections corresponding to the electoral card of the parents (it is statistically probable that families will present themselves together for the vote). In any case, the street of residence combined with the primary polling station is valid.

In addition to physically going to banquets, you should be able to vote online through Get involved , the platform of the Democratic Party. However, it will be necessary to register via SPID at least five days in advance, but at the moment the platform is not yet accessible.


A Bologna the primaries will be held on Sunday June 20. Two candidates in the field: the commissioner dem Matteo Lepore and for Italia Viva Isabella Conti, former PD and current mayor of San Lazzaro.

Also in this case a contribution of 2 euros is required and you can also vote online via Possible. Over 16 and foreigners can also participate, but first they must pre-register on the website.

They will not be able to take part in these primaries instead i OffsiteThis choice has caused quite a few controversies in the city given the historic strong university vocation of Bologna.


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