the search for architects, designers and other junior figures

the search for architects, designers and other junior figures
the search for architects, designers and other junior figures

If the love for Milan is expressed in the desire to concretely contribute to making it better from an urban, architectural and aesthetic point of view, this is the suitable job offer. The environment and territory mobility agency, in fact, is looking for junior collaborators to be integrated into the Officina Urbana team. The tasks range from support in the field of urban design and placemaking, integrated architecture, landscape design and road design, according to the application of principles of sustainable mobility, urban quality, social inclusion, circular economy, decarbonisation and adaptation to climate change.

What will be the activities carried out by the collaborators?

The successful candidates, as stated on the Amat website, will be responsible for the following tasks.

– design of public spaces, squares, parks, gardens and play areas, from the concept design stages to the development of technical-economic feasibility studies, aimed at placemaking, social inclusion, urban quality and the integration of eco-materials sustainable

– road design, oriented towards urban quality and road safety, with particular attention to pedestrian and cycling and the use of sustainable construction materials and solutions

– design of de-paving interventions, aimed at integrating green infrastructures, improving the microclimate and sustainable drainage, applying the principles of circular economy

– elaboration and implementation of tactical urban planning projects, part of the Piazze Aperte program, for the development of light, fast and economical experimental solutions for activating public space, in collaboration with active citizens

– integrated architectural design of buildings and public infrastructures, according to the principles of building quality and technical innovation aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and climate impact

– development of masterplans, policies and urban strategies on the scale of the neighborhood, for the development of the idea of ​​the city in 15 minutes

– development of design guidelines and collection of international best practices, with the aim of maximizing urban quality and the coherence of interventions on the city and public space

– representation, visualization and communication of projects, through the elaboration of reports, diagrams, illustrations, photomontages and rendering, to facilitate the dissemination and involvement of citizens in the projects.

The necessary requirements

To apply for the offer, it is necessary to have the following requirements.

  • Work experience in the field of urban design and placemaking, architecture, landscape design and road design, design and design of public spaces
  • Significant design and processing and communication skills of high quality urban space projects demonstrated through a portfolio included in the CV
  • Master’s degree in architecture, urban design, urban planning or landscape architecture or similar
  • Knowledge and mastery of the English language.

“The demonstration of the experience gained in the definition of integrated urban territorial strategies, in general techniques of urban design and integrated design of public space (micro-urbanism, mobility, roads and infrastructures, landscape and urban green, furniture, resilience and sustainability, circular economy); techniques for visualizing and communicating projects (using adobe suite); organization and management of creative processes and participatory meetings (workshops); knowledge of the Minimum Environmental Criteria of the Ministry of the Environment and / or criteria of the Green Public European Procurement “.

“Enthusiasm, creativity and aptitude for innovation and change are required – the agency continues – ability to work in multidisciplinary environments and work groups; excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work in coordination with other disciplinary groups; ability to manage paths participated in planning; propensity to resolve issues of various kinds deriving from the project activity “.

Interested parties are requested to insert their CV in the appropriate section of the Amat website indicating among the competences: “Cycle and pedestrian mobility”, “Building, urban and landscape planning and design”, “Public space planning and design”, “Urban Green”.

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