Yara, the Court of Assizes denies the defense of Massimo Bossetti access to the finds

The news had been anticipated by the broadcast “Fourth grade” on his Facebook page. There Search of Bergamo had opposed the request of Bossetti’s lawyers. The latter will not be able to have access to the bodies of crime and even to the DVDs with the photographic collection carried out by the police of the Ris in the context of the investigations, nor to the “characterizations” of the genetic profiles of the DNA.

During the hearing of May 19, it was confirmed that the trace 31 G20, found on the girl’s leggings, with the DNA that was attributed to Bossetti, considered the “queen” test against her, was substantially exhausted and the repetition of the experiment , as repeatedly requested by the lawyers, no longer possible.

Proceedings in Venice for evaluations – The judges of the Assize Court of Bergamo then ordered, as requested in the courtroom by the prosecutor Antonio Chiappani, the transmission of the documents to the Venice Public Prosecutor’s Office for “appropriate evaluations”. The magistrate, on May 19, had denounced alleged impropriety of the defenders (in recent months a complaint was presented against the Orobic prosecutors) and it will now be the task of the Venetian magistrates, competent to investigate colleagues in the district of the Brescia Court of Appeal, assess any hypothesis of crime against them.


Yara Court Assizes denies defense Massimo Bossetti access finds

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