“Not against the unified list of reformists”

“Not against the unified list of reformists”
“Not against the unified list of reformists”

A single “reformist” list at the center of the center-left, which groups the different souls of that area, in view of the elections to be held in autumn 2021 for the Municipality of Milan? It is talked about more and more, starting with the appeal in this sense called “Riformiamo Milano”, promoted by the former assossore Sergio Scalpelli (he had the delegation to young people and sport from 1997 to 2001 with Gabriele Albertini and the center-right) and signed by dozens and dozens of Milanese from politics and associations.

The idea, reading the appeal, is to aggregate in a unitary list (in support of Beppe Sala) Action, Democratic Center, Italia Viva, Più Europa, Alleanza Civica, Base Italia and other realities of the same area. «I know they are working on it – commented the mayor of Milano Sala on the sidelines of the inauguration of the school in via Viscontini – and I think they have to decide quickly enough. I am not at all against it, then as always the votes have to be weighed a little and, therefore, I imagine that there is a discussion between them to understand how each one appears and with which candidates. However, it seems to me that in these days they are getting closer to finding a solution ».

The appeal is addressed to the “political and civic” forces that have “fought for a common liberal democratic pro-European reformist vision of public affairs” and invites them, in essence, to present a single list that represents all these forces rather than “dispersing” , so to speak, the energies in several different lists. Some of these realities, such as Bruno Tabacci’s Democratic Center, are already ready to participate, others like Più Europa and Action are still thinking about it.

Among the signatories of the appeal, in addition to Scalpelli, we find Lucia De Cesaris (of Italia Viva, former deputy mayor of Giuliano Pisapia), Carmine Abagnale (former municipal councilor of Forza Italia), Alessia Cappello (Milanese coordinator of Italia Viva), Carlo Maria Pinardi (former candidate for president of Lombardy to Stop the Decline) and Daniela Benelli (former councilor for culture in the Province and for decentralization in the Municipality).


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