Coronavirus today: 1,968 new cases and 59 deaths in Italy

Coronavirus today: 1,968 new cases and 59 deaths in Italy
Coronavirus today: 1,968 new cases and 59 deaths in Italy

In Umbria you are positive

There are six new Covid cases recorded in Umbria on the last day. Arisen from the analysis of 296 swabs and 244 antigenic tests, according to the Region’s website. The positivity rate is therefore 1.1 per cent on the total (0.7 the previous day) and 2 per cent on the molecular alone (it was 1.78). Also on the last day there are no new victims and 21 recovered. The current positives are now 1,382, 15 less in the last 24 hours. The picture of hospitalized patients was substantially stable, 61 overall, one less, seven of whom in intensive care, a stable figure.

Friuli, six cases and two deaths

In Friuli Venezia Giulia, a new infection was detected on 1,186 molecular swabs, for a positive percentage of 0.08%. There are also 541 rapid antigenic tests carried out, from which 5 cases were detected, for a positive percentage of 0.92%. There are two deaths, admissions to intensive care units drop to one while those in other departments are 38.

Basilicata, three new cases

Three of the 164 swabs analyzed in the last 24 hours in Basilicata were positive: this was announced by the regional task force, adding that 5,960 vaccinations were carried out in the region. In addition, 43 other people residing in Basilicata have overcome the disease. In total, 339,692 doses of vaccine were administered to 553,254 residents in the region.

Valle d’Aosta, two infections and zero deaths

There are 2 new Covid cases recorded in Valle d’Aosta in the last 24 hours for a total of 11,611 since the beginning of the pandemic. This is what emerges from the regional bulletin. There are no deaths for a total of 472 people. On the other hand, 24 people recovered, which brings to 10,957 the total number of people. The current positives are down to -22 and 244 swabs have been carried out for a total of 130,655.

Where were we

There were 2,897 cases of coronavirus of June 2 and 62 victims, compared to 226,272 swabs carried out. The positivity rate was 1.3%. In the intensive care there were 933 patients while the hospitalized were 5,858. There were 203,259 people in home isolation. The total of the currently positive was equal to 210,050 units with 18,535 people discharged or recovered.

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